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barrage of criticism

A large amount of criticism, condemnation, or reproach. The congressman faced a barrage of criticism for his remarks this morning.
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criticism sandwich

Feedback in which criticism is preceded and then followed by small amounts of praise. Likened to the filling of a sandwich being surrounded by two pieces of bread. I don't like making my team members feel bad when I need to deliver something more negative, so I usually deliver it in a criticism sandwich to soften the blow a bit. Look, criticism sandwiches don't work. If you go out of your way to praise someone and try to slip something more critical in the middle, they're just not going to take it in.
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open (oneself) (up) to criticism

1. To do something that leaves oneself vulnerable to criticism from others. Don't ever openly or directly admit that you've done something wrong while you're in a leadership position, or you'll just open yourself to criticism from all sides. The prime minister has really been opening herself up to criticism with the way she's been backpedaling on her positions recently.
2. To allow others to give one criticism. You'll never improve as a writer if you don't open yourself up to criticism more.
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open to criticism

1. Able to be criticized by others. All art is open to criticism. We should never say we can't critique something just because it is a "masterpiece."
2. Willing to receive and listen to criticism. Would you mind reading this short story I wrote? I really want to improve my writing, so I'm open to criticism!
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open oneself to criticism

to do something that makes one vulnerable to criticism. By saying something so stupid in public, you really opened yourself to criticism.
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open to criticism

vulnerable to criticism. Anything the president does is open to criticism.
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'If we do not allow criticism, why create new parties?
'Our government will not be deterred by the level of criticism. I want to urge you ministers to keep your focus because this is a challenge that we have,' Mr.
London [United Kingdom], April 19 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that criticisms are the goldmine for him.
'Criticism [of] the President is not destabilization.
Interestingly and surprisingly, contemporary Western ethical criticisms have been most recently further promoted, strengthened and enriched by their Chinese counterpart, though its ethical turn has occurred two decades later and ascended against a different background.
But since I do not loathe the Hizmet movement and do not say that "Hizmet is dangerous," these polite and constructive criticisms never catch the attention of the adversaries of Hizmet.
Then Dennis Olson, Kenton Sparks, and Suzanne Boorer offer essays on literary and rhetorical criticism, genre criticism, and source and redaction criticism respectively.
IT IS NOTABLE THAT CERAMICS: ART AND PERCEPTION has published these articles since, as has been discussed at many venues and in many publications, the dialogue about criticism in contemporary ceramics has existed more in books and less in regularly published periodicals.
Within competitive individual events, no category of speaking has the same history as rhetorical criticism. Often the least-entered event at a tournament, rhetorical criticism remains an invaluable type of speech, joining the fields of communication studies and competitive forensics in a unique way.
I am going to address judicial criticism--in particular, unjust criticism--and the legal profession's responsibility to respond to such criticism. But before I do, allow me to provide a few preliminary observations.
Every coach and administrator must have an attitude or a system in place that enables them to deal effectively with criticism: to retain their composure and be constructive, not destructive, while solving the problem in a positive way.
Of course, Tomasky is hardly alone in any of his criticisms of the left, but the last thing he seems to want is company.
In the early 1930s, he set forth powerful criticisms of logical positivism's attempt to label as meaningless all talk of ethics and metaphysics.
At the time we said Fully Alive has the makings of a true alternative to the Planned Parenthood approach to sex education, but we had the following criticisms:
The historical-critical method exemplified by source, form, and redaction criticisms has come under attack, sometimes directly but perhaps more often indirectly, namely, by the continuing publication of narrative-critical studies.
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