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barrage of criticism

A large amount of criticism, condemnation, or reproach. The congressman faced a barrage of criticism for his remarks this morning.
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open (oneself) (up) to criticism

1. To do something that leaves oneself vulnerable to criticism from others. Don't ever openly or directly admit that you've done something wrong while you're in a leadership position, or you'll just open yourself to criticism from all sides. The prime minister has really been opening herself up to criticism with the way she's been backpedaling on her positions recently.
2. To allow others to give one criticism. You'll never improve as a writer if you don't open yourself up to criticism more.
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open to criticism

1. Able to be criticized by others. All art is open to criticism. We should never say we can't critique something just because it is a "masterpiece."
2. Willing to receive and listen to criticism. Would you mind reading this short story I wrote? I really want to improve my writing, so I'm open to criticism!
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open oneself to criticism

to do something that makes one vulnerable to criticism. By saying something so stupid in public, you really opened yourself to criticism.
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open to criticism

vulnerable to criticism. Anything the president does is open to criticism.
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Here is another dubious opposition: criticism is practical, discourse theoretical.
The criticism sucks the enthusiasm right out of the room.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that his criticism was for the betterment of the state institutions adding criticism is part of democracy and its motive is to bring improvement .
The author asserts that a new type of literary criticism, interventionist criticism, is needed as a response to the dangers of neoliberalism; examples of this critical paradigm are found in literary criticism of the past.
Despite its initial vitality, the American ethical criticism declined by the end of the 20th century due to its inherent flaws, though it continued to influence literary studies.
Meron talagang criticism yan (There will be criticisms).
IT'S not always easy being on the receiving end of criticism but how we respond to our critics can have a big impact on our lives.
DON'T BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND RAT A HER than trying to ignore criticism altogether, it's important to work out whether criticism is constructive or destructive.
Hyman wasn't writing just criticism, he was writing criticism of criticism; yet he did so with a conviction that he was performing a primary literary activity.
The textual criticism of the New Testament is the analysis of the manuscripts of the New Testament, whose goals include identification of transcription errors, analysis of versions, and attempts to reconstruct the original.
ISLAMABAD -- Leader Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PMLN) Zaeem Qadri Sunday said it was the right of media to criticize the government but the criticism should be constructive.
I have worked with many managers over the years and none of them are perfect at delivering criticism either.
India, July 7 -- One who knows how to take criticism knows the art of life and death.
16:06 Gulf News: In the absence of criticism, people will simply continue believing their delusions.