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an armchair critic

One who speaks critically on topics one actually knows little to nothing about. My uncle is such an armchair critic about the classes I'm taking—the fact that he never went to college doesn't stop him from weighing in! Stop being an armchair critic and let me fix my car, since I actually know what I'm doing here!
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an armchair traveler

One who speaks authoritatively about traveling despite not traveling often. Don't let him discourage you when he's just an armchair traveler who's never been out of the country!
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stop-watch critic

A critic whose strict, traditional views prevent them from fully seeing or understanding that which is being is analyzed. You can't expect a stop-watch critic to understand your futuristic vision for your artwork.
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an armchair critic

a person who knows about a subject only by reading or hearing about it and criticizes without active experience or first-hand knowledge.
The phrase armchair critic is first recorded in 1896 , but the concept was around at least a decade earlier: in 1886 Joseph Chamberlain sneered at opponents as ‘arm-chair politicians’. Another common variant is armchair traveller , meaning ‘someone who travels in their imagination only’.
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an armchair critic, traveller, etc.

a person who knows about a subject only from what they have heard or read and not from personal experience: He’s what you might call an ‘armchair traveller’, having never actually been outside Europe.
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He had been a member of the Egyptian Film Critics Association since 1972 and headed the governmental authority for censorship between 1996 and 1999, and again from 2004 to 2009.
Director Karyn Kusama, ("Girlfight") says, "To me it's the question of female directors, writers, cinematographers, designers, editors, actors and critics. If you have substantially fewer of them in the world, then we're missing a crucial human perspective, and the world suffers for it."
"'Critical' isn't just another word for 'mean,'" explains Lindsey Wilson, theatre critic for D Magazine in Dallas and a 2014 NCI fellow.
For example, Earley includes several excerpts from his sessions with a client, George, to demonstrate how George dealt with a mistrustful Inner Critic and healed a Criticized Child.
In the present environment, where the best and freshest and most intriguing reviews often can be found in blogs, no newspaper critic should harbor any illusions about her or his indispensability.
* Bonnie Mitchelson, Immigration and Multiculturalism critic;
We also have "cultural" critics and "social" critics.
ABC Media Productions announced that when the TV show returns for the new season, its reviewer/hosts will be film critics A.O.
Salah Sermini, film critic and consultant to the Gulf Film Festival, mediated the discussion and responded to many questions from the audience.
ANGRY critics claim they are being prevented from seeing Kenneth Branagh's troubled new movie Valkyrie.
First, it involves the acquisition of knowledge in order to formulate that informed opinion the reader expects from the critic. This is particularly true of dance criticism, where there is no ready text available for study or reference.
Bruner's inner critic was particularly brutal during the months after she had finished law school and was studying to take the bar exam.
Blogs have become an incredibly important medium for communicating to primary audiences including consumers, shareholders, employees and critics.
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