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crispy critter

1. offensive slang Someone who has been severely burned. We were able to rescue one person from the burning building, but man, he's a crispy critter—I don't know if he'll make it. That corpse is one crispy critter—they'll need dental records to ID the person.
2. Something that has been burned in the cooking process. Ooh, that's a crispy-critter—give me that piece of toast.
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n. a person under the effects of marijuana. (From the brand name of a breakfast cereal.) He’s fried all right. A real crispy-critter.
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The modern surroundings and food at the Crispy Duck, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff,
At my own restaurant, we have Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken which is boneless and lightly tossed in sweet glaze.
We all had different favourites but the crispy duck pancakes were a hit with everyone.
Each cheese used on the topping has a distinct flavour and the base is light and crispy.
Ardovries Shearway, tel: 0162 289 1199, have launched two new varieties of breaded mushrooms in 1kg packs, in a choice of plain crispy or crispy garlic flavours.
Popular casual restaurant dining chain Greenwich is jumping on the bacon mania bandwagon with its newly launched Bacon Crispy Thins pizza.
Heinz, tel:020 7298 6514, are capitalising on the success of Aunt Bessie's Crispy Roast Potatoes by further segmenting the frozen potato sector with the launch of Aunt Bessie's Tidgy Roasties and Aunt Bessie's Bubble & Squeak.