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crispy critter

1. offensive slang Someone who has been severely burned. We were able to rescue one person from the burning building, but man, he's a crispy critter—I don't know if he'll make it. That corpse is one crispy critter—they'll need dental records to ID the person.
2. Something that has been burned in the cooking process. Ooh, that's a crispy-critter—give me that piece of toast.
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n. a person under the effects of marijuana. (From the brand name of a breakfast cereal.) He’s fried all right. A real crispy-critter.
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"It's not possible to reach this stage of the competition without displaying true quality in every aspect of running a fish and chip business, so The Crispy Cod should be extremely proud of what they've achieved so far," said Marcus Coleman, chief executive officer at Seafish.
However the absurdity of the crispy curry saga has provided the neighboring countries with a rare point of agreement.
Thankfully, we'll still be able to burn the roof or our mouths with the long-time favourite mince beef and curry crispy treats under the new trade name, Original Pancake Co.
Findus Crispy Pancakes will then be replaced by a like-for-like product under the new Original Pancake Co brand and the rest of the Findus frozen meals range will be relaunched under a separate Chef's Classics brand.
And devotees of Crispy Pancakes, currently on sale at Asda and Morrisons, need not despair - a new version will launch under the Original Pancake Co brand.
Hugh, 51, who created his own smoked haddock crispy pancake on his Channel 4 show, was hooked on them as a boy.
Sauce in crispy chilli beef was tasty, altough the beef was a little tough.
The crispy fried snacks did not leave any trace of oil and the sour, sweet and pungent barbecue sauce added to the taste quotient.
Tip the contents of the wok into a large bowl and add the crispy shallots.
The scandal–hit firm who supplied Findus with horse–contaminated mince for beef lasagne also provide their Crispy Pancakes.
Miss Crispy 1988 has been written by David Tuffnell from Middlesbrough.
This is in response to increasing consumer interest in achieving the crispy texture and appetite appeal of conventionally-heated foods in a fraction of the time.
CONSUMERS BUYING A JAR OF ROOT CELLAR PRESERVES BRAND PICKLES are not only getting a crispy homemade artisanal treat, but also helping with historic preservation.