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be burnt to a crisp

To be or have been significantly burned, as by fire or the sun. The variant spelling "burned" is also commonly used in the headword. If you don't get the bread out of the oven now, it will be burnt to a crisp! I fell asleep on the beach, and now I'm burnt to a crisp.
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burn (someone or something) to a crisp

1. To burn something, typically when cooking it, to the extent that it is completely charred and blackened. I forgot about the bread I'd put in the oven and burned it to a crisp.
2. To burn someone severely (typically referring to sunburn). Often used in passive constructions. If you lay on the beach all day without any sunscreen, you'll get burned to a crisp.
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burn something to a crisp

to burn something totally or very badly. The cook burned the meat to a crisp.
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burn to a cinder

Also, burn to a crisp. Destroy by fire; overcook. For example, If I stay in the sun too long, I'll be burnt to a cinder, or He's an awful cook-dinner was burnt to a crisp. Although both expressions can be used literally, they also function as hyperbole, as in the examples.
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be burnt to a crisp

1. If something, especially food, is burnt to a crisp, it is badly burnt. By the time I got to the kitchen, the whole thing was burnt to a crisp. Note: Adjectives such as fried are sometimes used instead of burnt. The meat was fried to a crisp.
2. If a person is burnt to a crisp, they are badly sunburned. One day in the Spanish sun and he was burnt to a crisp.
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burn something to a ˈcinder/ˈcrisp

cook something for too long or with too much heat, so that it becomes badly burnt: Alan left the potatoes for so long that they were burnt to a crisp.
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mod. drug intoxicated. (Akin to fried. Compare to toasted.) Man, is he crisp!
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