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crispy critter

1. offensive slang Someone who has been severely burned. We were able to rescue one person from the burning building, but man, he's a crispy critter—I don't know if he'll make it. That corpse is one crispy critter—they'll need dental records to ID the person.
2. Something that has been burned in the cooking process. Ooh, that's a crispy-critter—give me that piece of toast.
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n. a person under the effects of marijuana. (From the brand name of a breakfast cereal.) He’s fried all right. A real crispy-critter.
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Crispiness. The crispiness plays a crucial role in the enjoyment of eating foods.
The sheer crispiness in the air and slow paced vibe helps you slip into relaxation mode.
We were instructed to mix in the spicy sauce and vegetables and doing so we discovered the rice at the bottom of the stone bowl was fried to crispiness. The entire dish was wholesome, hearty and very pleasant in taste and texture.
The ready-to-eat popcorn is machine-sealed and packed to retain the freshness and crispiness.
The original flavour is exactly like KFC, but with the crispiness of Church's Chicken.
Customers like the freshness, crispiness and taste of its dressing, says a review by ( The dish named Okonomiyaki is another savory delight as a light vegetable dish with its sweet and savory taste and texture.
All products in the range, from the meat croquettes to the cheese dippers, use the patented Crisp Sensation technology and are characterized by outstanding crispiness that matches deep-fry coatings and is unparalleled by other oven baked snacks.
But the flavor outweighs the lack of crispiness. Overall, I think it's a favorful product.
The browning controls on the toaster allow you to get the crispiness you desire, while the defrost setting works great for more indulgent breakfast treats such as waffles, and even frozen bread.
According to company officials, the roasted onion flavor brings out the crispiness of salads, sandwiches, soups, steaks, vegetables, baked potatoes, green bean casserole, pizza, hot dogs and burgers.
That would deprive the simits of the crispiness that is essential to their appeal.
Elegant, safe and healthy the new product line serves as a perfect tool to retain freshness and crispiness of food items, provide comfort in carrying, ease the problem of storage, ensure stackability and keep today's men and women going.
Contex 500, a flaked-textured soy protein concentrate retains crispiness within a bar format.
THE INTOLERANT GOURMET: GLORIOUS FOOD WITHOUT GLUTEN & LACTOSE is more than another baking book: it provides a range of recipes that tell how to produce crispiness without breading or four coatings, creaminess without dairy, and more, and comes from an award-winning American food expert.