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crispy critter

1. offensive slang Someone who has been severely burned. We were able to rescue one person from the burning building, but man, he's a crispy critter—I don't know if he'll make it. That corpse is one crispy critter—they'll need dental records to ID the person.
2. Something that has been burned in the cooking process. Ooh, that's a crispy-critter—give me that piece of toast.
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n. a person under the effects of marijuana. (From the brand name of a breakfast cereal.) He’s fried all right. A real crispy-critter.
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Their crispier and thinner texture make these pastries the perfect lighter option.
Pre-baking the crusts also makes them even crispier than usual.
The key to cooking a great roast tattie is temperature: the faster you cook, the better, the crispier, the crunchier the finish.
"It's like spare ribs but it's crispier, it's called ribbe in Norwegian.
It's perfect for warming up these crispier autumn days," said Sue Featherstone of Saltburn Allotment Association.
The poori is crispier than regular pooris and the subzi is semi-dry with amazingly thick gravy.
Editing could have been a touch crispier, as the second half drags around and could crop up with some trimming."
Higher yield, longer freshness and crispier crusts are some of the advantages lecithin offers in baked goods.
Summary: The traditional Scotch egg has made a comeback and, with a few of Barney Desmazery's updated tricks, it's lighter and crispier, too.
For instance, fattouch gets crispier and tastier as the regular Arabic bread crumbs are replaced with tiny Zatar-filled rolls.
THE qualifying route for the 50- over World Cup will undergo a complete change from the 2019 edition, with only 10 teams competing in a much crispier 12th edition of the tournament to be held in England.
Hen's egg - which isa must-try here - is crispier than expected, escorted as it is by pancetta, mushroom puree and sweet maple vinegar caramel syrup.
Their puffed rice was crispier than commercial products, giving it a better taste and crunch.
But the bulk of its business remains its Italian-style Prezzo eateries, where it has introduced a new menu featuring three types of pizza - classic, a lighter pizza served with a salad, or a bigger crispier pizza with more toppings.
Then followed our half crispy duck, Dh130 (our waitress told us it's crispier than the Peking version, which is also offered, for Dh150 a half) with the requisite pancakes, cucumber, spring onion and sauce.