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cringe away from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cringed away from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
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cringe before (someone or something)

To shrink away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cringed before my dad when he caught me sneaking in after curfew.
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cringe away from someone or something

 and cringe from someone or something
to pull back or away from someone or something, as from fear. The child cringed away from the teacher. Why did you cringe away from the dentist's chair? The cat cringed from the fire. The child cringed from the huge dog.
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cringe before someone or something

to cower or recoil in the presence of someone or something. Jeff cringed before the wrath of the policeman.
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Big-globed, big-gobbed Winslet went down about as well as the Titanic and when she sees the tapes will cringe like she's never cringed before, at least since she watched Titanic.
During the ITV show, Carol cringed as she was ribbed about her antics the night before.
LAKE ELSINORE - Baseball purists would have cringed at the sight, but the JetHawks were happy to walk away with an unsightly 9-4 victory over the Lake Elsinore Storm Friday in front of 5,364 at the Diamond.
I have cringed at every news story featuring the words "leaves a wife and children behind," knowing that silenced gay and lesbian military personnel also leave their own families and loved ones behind.
GMTV interviewer Jenni cringed yesterday as comic Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh creation, Borat, leched after her.
KYLIE Minogue has admitted she cringed with embarrassment when she watched all her old videos while making up her Ultimate Kylie greatest hits DVD.
I cringed to see that the former enemies weren't being extra kind to each other, and cringed again when some of the 13 passengers began singing Israeli folk songs as we bounced along the windy, unlit Egyptian road.
Jurors, who had been shown parts of the tapes earlier in his months-long trial for killing a Moorpark College student during a rape attempt, cringed as they viewed the attacks.
We all cringed,'' said Greg Davis, 44, of Eagle Rock, father of the 21-year-old Marine.