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cringe away from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cringed away from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
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cringe before (someone or something)

To shrink away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cringed before my dad when he caught me sneaking in after curfew.
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cringe away from someone or something

 and cringe from someone or something
to pull back or away from someone or something, as from fear. The child cringed away from the teacher. Why did you cringe away from the dentist's chair? The cat cringed from the fire. The child cringed from the huge dog.
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cringe before someone or something

to cower or recoil in the presence of someone or something. Jeff cringed before the wrath of the policeman.
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For example, many Chinese companies continue to take advantage of cultural cringe by copying the design from Western countries in clothing, architectures, mobiles, restaurants, and TV programs to satisfy the desire for a higher social status of Chinese consumers (Long, 2010).
Rogers says Oklahoma - the non-football part of Oklahoma, which he says is admittedly small - also suffers from cultural cringe.
We all cringe, and squirm, when we confront the gory language and pictures trotted out by abortion opponents.
If what he suggests really makes you cringe, don't do it.
Supertasters often cringe at intense vegetable flavors, and the supertasting seniors eat fewer vegetables than do their counterparts with normal taste sensitivity.
Most park rangers cringe at the thought of construction equipment in their forests.
And families were the source of the second biggest cringe too, according to 16 to 24-year-olds, with 37 per cent saying they have an embarrassing relative.
DUBLIN--Women and men who cringe at the annual New Testament reading from Colossians that admonishes wives to "be submissive to your husbands" now have allies in bishops from Ireland and the United States.
I'm sure Nicola Sturgeon will cringe at the idea of being compared to Margaret Thatcher.
But although he loved having the cameras in, Wayne, who has worked at Damson Dene for two years, admitted there were moments which made him cringe.
CULTURAL cringe is an internalised inferiority complex which causes people in one country to dismiss their own culture as inferior to that of others.
Now I absolutel cringe because all the girls look so fit, tanned and muscular.
Musical purists will cringe at Eifinan's cavalier cutting and pasting of music to suit his libretto.