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put a crimp in

To disrupt or interfere with something. That rain last week sure put a crimp in our beach vacation.
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put a crimp in

have an adverse effect on. informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew Well, that maybe puts a crimp in my theory.
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put a ˈcrimp in/on something

(American English, informal) have a bad or negative effect on something: I’m sorry to put a crimp in your plans.The extra expense of moving can put a crimp on your budget.
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After the 4th year, Randle did have to till the plots to control some perennial weeds, but the crimper could be used again continuously for years after that.
The pillow crimper comprises an inieed conveyor with guides to separate the rows of product as they leave the extruder.
Precision ground stripping holes, wire cutter and crimper
The APV Baker pillow crimper ends the restriction to conventional squares and rectangles.
Such is the detail available on the disastrous hairdo that we now know that the former tennis player visited a Harrods crimper twice in an attempt at damage limitation.
However, while Lauren might be keen, the crimper is less bothered but realises that parading about with a new squeeze might make Aunty Linda just a teeny bit jealous.
Kate wants only pals and family to be closely CRIMPER TO STARS Ferretti involved in raising the third in line to the throne.
Next up is Celebrity Salon where stars such as Georgia Salpa, Callum Best, Rosanna Davison and Abi Titmuss battle it out over the crimper and scissors.
The talented crimper, who died in 2001 and had a client list which included Madonna, the Beckhams and Leonardo DiCaprio, opened in Brindleyplace 15 years ago.
Nikki, formerly Coronation Street crimper Candice Stowe, describes her new character as ditsy, fun and childish.
I went to the hairdressers recently and even my crimper questioned the shortness of my skirt.
The high profile crimper was forking out pounds 9,000 on the goodwill gesture, and had asked the city's 90 burghers to provide the bulk of the 270 names by choosing just three people from each of their wards.
The electronic HD Crimper features interchangeable jaw sets and provides sufficient power to crimp steel caps.
William Hill is giving 4/1 against Scots crimper Finlay Bradley breaking the world record of 18 men's haircuts in an hour.