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put a crimp in

To disrupt or interfere with something. That rain last week sure put a crimp in our beach vacation.
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put a crimp in

have an adverse effect on. informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew Well, that maybe puts a crimp in my theory.
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put a ˈcrimp in/on something

(American English, informal) have a bad or negative effect on something: I’m sorry to put a crimp in your plans.The extra expense of moving can put a crimp on your budget.
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Several different crimpers have been developed, but none has been evaluated for no-till conventional and organic vegetable operations.
The pillow crimper can handle up to eight lanes of product; simultaneous cutting and crimping minimises product handling and transfers that can contribute to surface damage.
It's basically a big wavy crimper. Starting at the roots, you clamp sections of the hair into the styling plates for a few seconds, then work down to the ends.
The well-known crimper copied England idol Jonny Wilkinson during a visit to Madame Tussaud's famous waxwork museum in London.
Viewers saw crimper Candice quit the salon to go snipping all over the world as Status Quo's stylist.
The electronic HD Crimper features interchangeable jaw sets and provides sufficient power to crimp steel caps.
The actress, who plays crimper Fiona Middleton, will move to London from Leeds to get a rest from avid fans.
Next up is Celebrity Salon where stars such as Georgia Salpa, Callum Best, Rosanna Davison and Abi Titmuss battle it out over the crimper and scissors.
Champion crimper Leanne Willis's awards success has secured her a place on a top hairdressing team.
The latest crimper trying to join their ranks is Richard Ward.
THE brutal murder of Coronation Street crimper Maxine proved a ratings winner, figures showed.
The electronic crimper, a hand-held, motor-driven, battery-operated device, crimps 1-mm aluminum seals onto standard 12 mm x 32 mm (2mL) crimp-top vials.
He's best known as Brookie's screaming crimper Peter Phelan but Sam Kane is in fine voice as Alison Stokes finds out.
William Hill is giving 4/1 against Scots crimper Finlay Bradley breaking the world record of 18 men's haircuts in an hour.
Final word to Durham crimper and second cousin Anna Partington: "I'd rather be related to Kate Middleton than Katie Price."