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put a crimp in

To disrupt or interfere with something. That rain last week sure put a crimp in our beach vacation.
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put a crimp in

have an adverse effect on. informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew Well, that maybe puts a crimp in my theory.
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put a ˈcrimp in/on something

(American English, informal) have a bad or negative effect on something: I’m sorry to put a crimp in your plans.The extra expense of moving can put a crimp on your budget.
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They also created a self-folding light detector by adding copper wires and photodiodes to the flat tape before gluing it to the crimped tape.
Next year we put some crimped wheat in front of the beans.
Lot No: 5 Lot title: crimped wire absorbable monofilament resorption lente
Lot No: 6 Lot title: non-absorbable polypropylene crimped wire monofil
Lot No: 7 Lot title: nonabsorbable polyester crimped wire tresse.
Lot No: 8 Lot title: nonabsorbable braided polyester crimped wire enduit.
It was quite obvious--then--that the case wasn't crimped enough to remove all the previous expansion of the case mouth.
CAPRICE looked a delight at the Pantene Awards in London, sporting a new crimped hairstyle for the occasion.
Pre-Qualification: Manufacturing of crimped pipe line assembly with braided rubber hose.
That has been the only commercially produced ammunition I've ever seen with crimped in primers and the crimp certainly had to be cut or swaged out before the case was reloaded.
With this measurement noted, adjust the taper crimp until the case mouth is crimped to 0.
Along with 70's psychedelic prints and velvet flares, crimped hair is making a comeback.
It's a look you can easily recreate at home and once crimped, your hair is easier to style.