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put a crimp in

To disrupt or interfere with something. That rain last week sure put a crimp in our beach vacation.
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put a crimp in

have an adverse effect on. informal
1990 Walter Stewart Right Church, Wrong Pew Well, that maybe puts a crimp in my theory.
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put a ˈcrimp in/on something

(American English, informal) have a bad or negative effect on something: I’m sorry to put a crimp in your plans.The extra expense of moving can put a crimp on your budget.
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Crimp also identifies one of the challenges of the transition to IP connectivity--the risk that the media industry will become a major target for malware and hackers.
I'm into "Disss-co" not just because it is rich with the epiphanies of Crimp's legato thinking--though there is that, too-but also because it convulses with the urgency to render one's moment that animates essential polemics like Melancholia and Moralism (2002) and the activist blueprint aids Demo Graphics (1990).
The disco chapter, as well as Crimp's descriptions of the downtown cruising scene and the sexual experiments undertaken on Manhattan's rotting piers, epitomises his attempts throughout this era to negotiate divisions between 'the art world and the queer world'.
In this spirit, Crimp predictably offers up the work of the gay author and playwright Larry Kramer as an exhibit.
But it crimps it in as a cone, it constricts it evenly, and it keeps the case mouth pointed forward, not turning it inward--as the roll crimp does.
Yarn Crimp: Yarn crimp has direct relationship with mechanical properties particularly strength of textile fabric.
There was another eureka moment, however, and that was 10 years ago when crimp flies were first devised by Swedish master salmon angler and fly tyer Per Stadigh.
As the stresses decay, filaments will be set in a crimped state.
(1) Always use a heat protector on each section of hair before you crimp - try my Andrew Barton Straight Answer Hot Iron Protector.
Berk Company, has introduced the Ronda Collection of flint glass bottles in both 15mm crimp and Europa (threaded) finishes.
But here the box was fitted with internal anvils, which could be driven shut using an external hydraulic pump to crimp the pipe in two locations, about 300mm apart.
The scientists also found that by spraying herbicide on every fourth crimp, they could kill 98 percent of the rye within a week, using 87 percent less Roundup (glyphosate) than would be required to kill nonrolled rye.
CRIMP JAWS are perfect for the environmentally conscious contractor looking for better piping solutions.
Get the look: Whether you crimp it all or just do it in sections, you'll need to dig out your old crimping iron.