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classrooms, designating what was apartheid South Africa as "democratic" (since they had elections in which socialists did not win, albeit the majority could not vote), while designating what was Sandinista Nicaragua as "totalitarian" (since the majority voted socialist - but now that the United States held a gun to their heads and they "cried uncle," of course, Nicaragua now qualifies as a democracy, although poor children cannot afford to go to school).
In 1990, the ocean cried uncle. The catch dropped for the first time even though we were fishing as hard as ever.
Or maybe his soul cried uncle and skittered off in horror to the heavenly ether.
After 30 minutes of heading east, I cried uncle and contacted the ship.
Losing sight of the ground, we cried uncle. Doug told Yokota we were unable to maintain VMC and requested another approach and an initial steer.
During the eleventh lap in the pattern, I cried uncle, and the pilot agreed to make the next approach the last.