cry out

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cry out

1. To shout or yell to someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cry" and "out." I cried out to my dad as soon as I saw the flood in the basement. Even though I cried out to my dog repeatedly, he continued running down the street.
2. To shout or yelp because one is feeling something, such as pain or a particular emotion. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cry" and "out." Molly cried out when the lobby door closed on her hand.
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cry (something) out (to someone or an animal)

to yell something to someone or an animal. She cried a warning out to the others. Sally cried out a warning to the people behind her. The trainer cried a command out to the runaway horse.
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cry out (in something)

 and cry out (with something)
to scream or shout in pain, joy, anger, etc. The child cried out in pain. On seeing his father, the overjoyed little boy cried out.
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WHEN the country cried out for men to fight in the war or work in the mines to provide coal for the industry, that call was answered.