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Nay, good Sir Sheriff," cried he, leaping up again when the blow had passed, "I must e'en borrow thy most worshipful sword.
cried Little John; and even as he spoke, a bugle horn sounded shrilly and a clothyard shaft whistled within an inch of the Sheriff's head.
And above all others," cried D'Artagnan, as if carried away by his enthusiasm, "to that of the king and the cardinal.
Shame, shame, for four Musketeers to allow an unfortunate fellow who cried for help to be arrested is their midst
Pirates," cried John, seizing his Sunday hat, "let us go at once.
Come," he cried imperiously, and soared out at once into the night, followed by John and Michael and Wendy.
Now our future through children will be in doubt, I cried that day, it's affected me deeply and won't go away, I'm angry as hell and vengeful for blood.
Pointing to co-judge Paloma Faith during the show's launch event, Boy George reported: "She cried.
We asked our listeners on the show this week to let us know when they last cried over something stupid .
Significantly, several of the patients reports that this inability manifested itself in situations where they would normally have cried on previous, pre-treatment, occasions; that they appraised the situation as emotionally distressing; and that they experienced an urge to cry.
5 percent of athletes from host country Great Britain cried.
Although the number of negative emotions experienced during the time participants last cried in response to music did not differ significantly according to gender, men of all attachment styles reported more positive emotions than women of all attachment styles (ds from .
Oli Heffernan, a 28-year-old from Acklam who works at a garden centre, said: "I cried when Inspector Morse died
What I will have been' is cried as loss is revealed.
One young woman told me that she usually cried in front of other people to get the reaction that she wanted.