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holy crickets

An exclamation of surprise, shock, or astonishment. Holy crickets, the bill for that dinner is nearly $200! We won the lottery? Holy crickets, that's amazing news!
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jiminy cricket

A minced oath for "Jesus Christ," expressing surprise, shock, or astonishment. Jiminy cricket, the bill for that dinner is nearly $200! We won the lottery? Jiminy cricket, that's amazing news!
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It's not cricket!

It isn't fair, sportsmanlike, or legitimate. I know you want to avoid confrontation, but it's not cricket to break up with someone by text message. I don't see why you think it's not cricket—everyone else does it all the time.
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It's not cricket.

 and It's not kosher.
It's not done.; It's not acceptable. You can't do that! It's not cricket!
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*merry as a cricket

 and *merry as the day is long
very happy and carefree. (*Also: as ~.) Mary is as merry as a cricket whenever she has company come to call. The little children are as merry as the day is long.
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not cricket

Unfair, unsportsmanlike, as in It's not cricket to let him go without notice. This term, in which the sport of cricket is equated with upright behavior, survives in America despite the relative unfamiliarity of the sport there. [Mid-1800s]
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it's just not cricket


it's not cricket

People say it's just not cricket or it's not cricket to mean that someone's behaviour is unfair or unreasonable. Companies can't treat their staff like that — it's not cricket! Note: Cricket is traditionally associated with the values of fairness and respect for other players.
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not cricket

contrary to traditional standards of fairness or rectitude. British informal
The game of cricket, with its traditional regard for courtesy and fair play, has been a metaphor for these qualities since at least the mid 19th century.
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it’s (just) not ˈcricket

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) it is not a fair or an honourable action or way of behaving
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mod. acceptable. (See negative examples at not cricket.) Is it really cricket to play under two different names?

not cricket

mod. unfair; illegitimate; unorthodox. (See affirmative examples at cricket.) What do you mean it’s not cricket? You do it.
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cricket on the hearth

A symbol of good luck and health. A cricket on the hearth has been a sign of household luck for millennia and in many cultures. Crickets were widely considered to bring good fortune as well as a kind of companionship. Representations of a cricket have long been included as a fireplace decoration. The expression “to find a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing of all” comes from Charles Dickens's novella, Cricket on the Hearth.
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Any cricketer who has broken records will be an inspiration for the next generation.
According to Sport24, De Villiers other honours include Test cricketer of the year, South Africa's players' player of the year and by popular vote of the public, the nation's fans' cricketer of the year.
The cricketer will be returning to India on 29 April, and the IPL matches in India start from 2 May onwards.
Ireland all-rounder Kevin O'Brien claimed the Associate and Affiliate Cricketer of the Year award and English umpire Richard Kettleborough was top of his class on the ICC's elite panel.
However, that was not the case with earlier cricketers, but still they had better averages.
LANCASHIRE'S County Championship-winning captain Glen Chapple has been selected as one of the Five Cricketers of the Year in the 2012 edition of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, published tomorrow.
Westfield is the first professional cricketer in England to face prosecution for his involvement in spot-fixing in a county cricket match, Essex Police said.
There are some nerves around the dressing rooms but I am confident the cricketers will come out on top.
Parsons said he was excited to join Cricketer because of its expertise in full flavoured low-fat cheeses, which have won contracts with most of the major multiples.
For a cricketer to represent his country in that capacity at a global event, Ntini said, was very special.
Two cheese shows down and Somerset based Cricketer Farm is already topping last year's award success with a total of 14 wins and two trophies.
CRICKETER Mark Rampra-kash waltzed off with the Strictly Come Dancing crown last night.
This is a crucial function of the minor counties as young cricketers develop at different rates, and an unexceptional 12-year-old can become an excellent cricketer at 18.
Meanwhile, Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne has been named as Wisden's Leading Cricketer in the World.
Appropriately, the first cricketer to appear was the legendary Dr WG Grace who at that time exercised tremendous influence on the game.