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skeleton crew

The bare minimum amount of employees necessary to keep an office, business, service, etc., running at a basic level. We can't have a restaurant that is completely closed during the slow season, so we keep a skeleton crew on board to serve the few customers who decide to come in. The rigs will have a skeleton crew keeping them running until the company finishes handing over its business to the new owners.
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crew cut

A closely cropped haircut, usually for a male, as in The boys all think crew cuts are cooler in summer. This term presumably originated in the navy ( crew referring to a ship's crew), where such a haircut was mandatory. [c. 1940]
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The crewman said: ``We do a job on the river like all emergency services,and it can be a dangerous job where you could pay the ultimate price,but you never imagine that price could be paid by getting a secondary infection.
At first, it was believed that the crewman who called for the emergency services had been in the helicopter when it went down.
But a diplomatic wrangle between Malaysia and Singapore led to a delay in launching the search for the missing crewman about 90 miles north-east of the island state of Singapore.
He and his crewman moored on the Red Sands Towers, 10 miles off Southend, when the vessel began to drift away.
As the craft banked a crewman said: "I am in the wrong job here.
However, I do know the safety officer hadn't recognized the danger the crewman was in.
Over 400 crew/passengers were drowned but 40 were saved,due to one crewman swimming ashore with a rope.
Meanwhile, crewman Carl Welham has been awarded the RSPCA's bronze medal for jumping into a rough sea at Sandsend to rescue a dog.
His father, volunteer crewman Mark Charlton, 37, said he hoped Ewan would follow in his footsteps and become a life boatman himself.
Volunteer crewman Ian Black said: "The two fishermen were fine but obviously relieved when help arrived.
Summary: LONDON, Jumada II 18, 1432 / May 21, 2011, SPA --A crewman jumped to his death from a luxury cruise liner in the English Channel, UPI cited the shipping line as saying Saturday.
The crewman and the casualty were in danger of being swept out to sea by the current but both were plucked from the cold water by his colleagues in a lifeboat.
The crewman lit lamps on all 15 lifeboats, before he swam 200 yards in freezing water to a collapsible lifeboat.
announced today that the US Coast Guard has suspended any further search and rescue efforts following the sinking of its tug VALOUR and confirmed that the missing crewman is presumed lost at sea.