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skeleton crew

The bare minimum amount of employees necessary to keep an office, business, service, etc., running at a basic level. We can't have a restaurant that is completely closed during the slow season, so we keep a skeleton crew on board to serve the few customers who decide to come in. The rigs will have a skeleton crew keeping them running until the company finishes handing over its business to the new owners.
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crew cut

A very short hairstyle typically for men. Its name is thought to come from its initial popularity among rowers. The coach makes us all get crew cuts at the start of the season because long hair isn't allowed on the team.
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crew cut

A closely cropped haircut, usually for a male, as in The boys all think crew cuts are cooler in summer. This term presumably originated in the navy ( crew referring to a ship's crew), where such a haircut was mandatory. [c. 1940]
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a skeleton ˈcrew/ˈstaff/ˈservice

the minimum number of staff necessary to run an organization or service: At weekends we have a skeleton staff to deal with emergencies.
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The crew said the authorities also questioned them, and inquired the crew what part of the plane were they assigned to.
We designed Crew Manager to increase crew utilization and satisfaction with schedules that put the right crew in the right place at the right time, said Dana Jones, senior vice president, Sabre Airlines Solutions.
Emirates has become the airline of choice for those who dream of pursuing a career as cabin crew and other exciting roles in aviation.
VM Crewing allows organizations to manage and monitor all aspects of crewing; from crew changes and rosters, to travel, training and compliance.
The crew was Richard Harandon, Gary Bettinson, Peter Mackfall, Dilwyn Jones, Paul Stiller, Steven Leigh, David Cooper and Tony Stocking, coxed by John Heron.
According to the CREW Industry Research Study released in October 2005, as a general rule, women's compensation is generally not comparable to their male counterparts.
21, the gunnery doctrine team from both the Armor and Infantry Centers removed all task prescription from the gunnery manual and established only minimum proficiency levels (MPL) to maintain critical skill requirements and to have a standard evaluation methodology for every weapon system platform in the HBCT; therefore, regardless of unit type (combat arms, CS, CSS), every truck crew will be evaluated in the same manner for both preliminary and basic gunnery.
We could tell that the flames were spreading to the starboard side of the ship as well, meaning that the life raft that was tied to the fantail was probably now inaccessible to the distressed crew.
The crew of the leading boat attempted to pull out, but after the second volley all were mortally wounded.
The crew members who discover one of them don't want to experience the same stress the first incident provided; they don't know what to do.
Some of the exuberance comes from the fact that most of the crew is under 16.
Seventeen additional fire crew members and two hikers narrowly escaped the fatal blaze.
Virus isolated from ill crew members was antigenically distinct from the vaccination strain.
Crew members sat in a row, hunched over, turning a crank that ran through the ship to make it go.