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Spooktacular Creeps is developed by Ben Walker, an independent developer who's goal is to make games players enjoy and want to keep playing for a long time to come.
iNEMI's position statement defines the temperature, humidity and copper and silver corrosion rate limits within which PCBs will perform reliably in the field with respect to creep corrosion.
Phase 3 of iNEMI's Creep Corrosion Project is currently performing laboratory-based experiments to further investigate the sensitivities of the influencing factors, including surface finish, flux, solder mask geometry, solder paste coverage, reflow and wave soldering, and mixed flowing gas (MFG) test conditions (corrosive gas concentration, humidity, temperature).
has been used successfully to describe tensile creep in amorphous plastics arising from the glass-to-rubber relaxation process (1), (2).
A model that is able to describe nonlinear creep data under uniaxial tension requires further development before it can be used in a design calculation.
Keywords: direct tensile, tensile strength, tensile creep, compressive creep, shrinkage.
The blended strings have very little creep and they resist "fuzzing" far better than pure Vectran, but they are less durable and a little slower than pure Dyneema.
7, 9 extracted from the superposed short-term creeps are somewhat more "pessimistic" than the parameters from the long-term curves (Table 2).
Long-term creep behavior might be predicted from short-term test data if the time-temperature-superposition principle is applicable to the studied material.
6, the post-cure temperature at which the different densities of honeycomb core displayed the largest degree of creep in the ribbon direction is plotted against the core density.
The molecular origins of creep and physical aging are not fully understood, although it has been suggested that for semicrystalline polymers, such as polypropylene at room temperature, changes in the mechanical properties are attributable to changes in the conformation of the tie molecules coupled with the motion of chains through the crystal lamellae (3, 4).
Since the sear is under load from the mainspring, creep requires trigger pressure measured in pounds.
Without a good distribution of the imperfections, lines of magnetic energy tend to creep around in a superconductor's crystal lattice, impeding electrical current.
com)-- IMR KHA in Portland, OR is pleased to announce that they have earned GE S-400 accreditation for Creep Testing.