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1. slang Someone who is regarded as weird or causes one to feel uneasy. Ugh, I wish that creeper at the bus stop would just leave me alone.
2. slang One who observes, investigates, or becomes overly familiar with someone else's personal matters in an intrusive or undesirable manner. I felt like a bit of a creeper looking up all his social media posts like that, but I wanted to know what kind of a guy he was before going on a date with him.

jeepers creepers

A mild exclamation of surprise, astonishment, fear, or delight. A: "I just found out that they want to promote me to General Manager!" B: "Jeepers creeper, Tom—that's great news!" Jeepers creepers, don't sneak up on me like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!
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exclam. Wow! Jeepers-creepers! I’m sorry!
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jeepers creepers!

An interjection of surprise or delight. The equivalent of “no kidding!” or “wow!” depending on the context, the phrase came from a 1938 popular song first sung by Louis “Sachmo” Armstrong in the movie Going Places. The chorus began, “Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers? / Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those eyes?”
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"Night Creepers" is a beautifully illustrated, natural nocturnal animals litany presented in a sleepy succession of poetry -illuminated portraits with additional animal facts in sidebars on each page.
Our selection of tenacious, fast-growing creepers will, when planted 35cm apart, produce a dense carpet of colour for many years - and there's the added bonus of smothering weeds.
JEEPERS CREEPERS 5* 9pM Justin Long (above) and Gina Philips see a hooded figure dump a body down a sewer pipe beside an old house...
JEEPERS CREEPERS JEEPERS CREEPERS JEEPERS CREEPERS 5* 9pM Justin Long (above) and Gina Philips see a hooded figure dump a body down a sewer pipe beside an old house...
The company's line of "Jeepers Creepers'' includes around 100 varieties of low-to-the-ground herbs, mints, evergreens, ivy, moss and more.
The older daughter seizes a pair of leopard print and black creepers with studs.
Wood creepers absorb oil, coolant and fluids, making every spill last a lifetime.
There are several creepers available to choose from, Sergeant.
In Creepers, Ballenger's wife died at the hands of a madman who lived in an old boarded-up hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
Thieves who dress to blend in with the office personnel have become so common in corporate offices that they have earned the nickname "office creepers." These perpetrators prey on personal belongings and laptops.
David Morrell's CREEPERS (1423306104, $24.95) receives veteran Patrick Lawlor's firm and gripping narrative style as it tells of five people who plan to break into a hotel: urban archaeologists with a passion for abandoned buildings and investigation.
As it is, a group of so-called "creepers" - or urban explorers - illegally enter the Paragon, an old hotel scheduled for demolition.
"After falling for the first two weeks, I bought creepers," he said, referring to spiked soles that strap on to boots and provide traction on ice.
Dubbed 'creepers' by the police, the gangs - mainly from Belfast - earn their name by targeting homes while unsuspecting victims sleep.