creep along

creep along (something)

To move slowly, and often stealthily, across a particular area or surface. The robber crept along the walkway and then opened a window to get into the house. When I saw the bee creeping along the windowsill, I bolted out of the room.
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creep along something

to move along something slowly and carefully; to sneak along something. Creep along the side of the building until you reach the door. The cat crept along the narrow kitchen counter.
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References in classic literature ?
Toilsomely did my spirit mount stairs, and cautiously; alms of delight were its refreshment; on the staff did life creep along with the blind one.
about 6,000) shall creep along the right horn of the hill and fall upon the left flank of Twala's force, and one-third shall creep along the left horn and fall upon Twala's right flank.
One day I crawled near to a country school house, and my curiosity being excited by the monotonous hum of the students within, I made bold to enter and creep along a crack between two boards until I reached the far end, where, in front of a hearth of glowing embers, sat the master at his desk.
Also able to jump to two or three of their lengths, and in case of danger spiders able to swim on standing water without waves, can also creep along heavily-rough verticals.
For years, scientists thought the ancestors of today's humans, monkeys, lemurs and apes were relatively slow and deliberate animals, using their grasping hands and feet to creep along small twigs and branches to stalk insects or find flowers and fruits.
According to ( Duke University , there has been some debate about how well these old tree-dwellers were able to move around, with some experts believing that they "were relatively slow and deliberate animals, using their grasping hands and feet to creep along small twigs and branches to stalk insects or find flowers and fruits."
The Corsican mint Mentha requienii will creep along the ground and run through crevices releasing a minty waft.
They creep along the ground, do well in open sun or dappled shade and don't seem to mind if the soil gets a bit dry.
If you don't want to creep along in gridlocked traffic, simply summon an eight-rotor air module that resembles a supersized consumer drone.
It's a mat-forming perennial which makes a good ground cover plant as it likes to creep along and form a carpet.
For a dinosaur garden, use prehistoric-looking plants such as small ferns and moss, plus creeping mint and thyme for the dinosaur models to creep along. An indoor mini garden follows the same principle.
The team used 19 years of satellite data to map ground deformation using interferometric synthetic aperture radar and measure creep along the southern end of the Hayward Fault, and found that the creep did not stop south of Fremont, the presumed southern end of the fault, but continued as far as the Calaveras Fault.
While those initiatives creep along, the government could do a lot to encourage progress.
The trainer has entries at Cheltenham and Doncaster tomorrow and said: "The horses are certainly a lot brighter but we are not going to have masses of runners, we will just creep along quietly and have a feel to see where they all are.
The robot is able to creep along at deliberately slow speeds for delicate operations and may accelerate to high speeds to enable rapid travel.