creep along

creep along (something)

To move slowly, and often stealthily, across a particular area or surface. The robber crept along the walkway and then opened a window to get into the house. When I saw the bee creeping along the windowsill, I bolted out of the room.
See also: creep

creep along something

to move along something slowly and carefully; to sneak along something. Creep along the side of the building until you reach the door. The cat crept along the narrow kitchen counter.
See also: creep
References in classic literature ?
Toilsomely did my spirit mount stairs, and cautiously; alms of delight were its refreshment; on the staff did life creep along with the blind one.
One day I crawled near to a country school house, and my curiosity being excited by the monotonous hum of the students within, I made bold to enter and creep along a crack between two boards until I reached the far end, where, in front of a hearth of glowing embers, sat the master at his desk.
Hollow murmurs seemed to creep along the gallery, and more than once her blood was chilled by the sound of distant moans.
The plan which had now occurred to me was to get out at my sitting-room window on to this roof, to creep along noiselessly till I reached that part of it which was immediately over the library window, and to crouch down between the flower-pots, with my ear against the outer railing.
They could only creep along, being often stopped by soldiers who threatened to kill their horses.
Snail-like even when the 30mph limit is lifted, they creep along, no indication when changing direction, weaving in and out, and pulling out at junctions at a very slow pace.
The USGS issued the March 19 alert after two instruments detected a substantial acceleration in the normally slow surface creep along the fault.
However, Jordan suggests some low-frequency vibrations represent accelerated creep along a fault.
While research on construction concrete continues to creep along, scientists in the last few years have gotten unusually fired up over innovative work on specialty cements -- materials too expensive to use in voluminous quantities for everyday building, but whose special properties make them ideal for a host of other applications.
Instead, they appear to be for drivers of, say, Fiat Matchboxes and Hyundai Housebricks to creep along at 15mph below the speed limit, studiously ignoring the long queue of frustrated motorists building up behind.
Meanwhile, the damage is done, and the lawsuits already on file in this case -- such as the one the EPA has filed against Motiva for $55 million -- creep along.
It's less obvious that the DNA in your cells is constantly being checked for errors: specialized molecules creep along the length of the DNA strand searching for pieces out of place and repairing them on the spot.
Once the location is heated again, the solder will simply continue to creep along the circuit.
Instead, it will creep along at no more than 16 km/h (10 mph).