creep across

creep across (something)

To move slowly, and often stealthily, across a particular area or surface. The robber crept across the lawn and then opened a window to get into the house. When I saw the bee creeping across the windowsill, I bolted out of the room. The sunlight crept across my face and woke me up.
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creep across something

1. Lit. to move across something slowly and carefully; to sneak across something. The soldiers crept slowly across the rope bridge. The cat crept across the floor, stalking the mouse.
2. Fig. [for light, fog, etc.] to move slowly across a place or an area. A heavy fog crept across the coastal areas. The spotlight crept across the stage from one side to the other, as if looking for the performer.
See also: across, creep
References in classic literature ?
As his gaze rested there quite steadily for some moments I saw recognition tinged with awe creep across his countenance.
Throughout the month of October, eerie jack-o'-lanterns spring up and copious cobwebs creep across houses from coast to coast.
The country is set to be hit by heavy winds and rain at the end of the week as both hurricanes creep across the North Atlantic.
Even at Pluto's estimated surface temperature of around -380 F, nitrogen ice can creep across the surface of the planet's icy plain, which has been informally named "Sputnik Planum," located in Pluto's heart, the "Tombaugh Regio.
If you happen to be the millionth finisher of the Great North Run on September 7, don't imagine for one minute that you will be able to creep across the line in South Shields unnoticed.
If this is not done, the ivy will creep across the ground before starting its climb at a point the gardener never intended.
Though, as a quick and very nonscientific poll across my chosen selection of the DiasBoro this morning confirms, it wasn't until Boro were up four-one that most admitted that they allowed themselves the 'surely they can't come back from this' thought to creep across their minds
As bag bans creep across the nation, expect to see more deaths in the service of feel-good green legislation.
Maddy trapped Chris Rogers lbw and Dawid Malan edged Patel to second slip, but as the evening shadows began to creep across the turf it became increasingly likely that this match can be diverted from stale-mate only by a declaration by Rogers.
For the next several hours, Venus will slowly creep across the solar disk, and the view will not change much from one minute to the next.
That suggests that someone has spent ages actively trying to break through levels of security to get to the messages - as if they had to scale a high fence, crawl across open ground swept by floodlights, pick a lock, open a creaky door next to a salivating but sleeping guard dog, then creep across a floor and work, sweat dripping from brow, to open a combination safe by pressing a stethoscope to the side, and then escaping with the contents.
Only then did a smile creep across Terry's face as he embraced his teammate.
The sky might be clear and the day make have been fine, but you can feel the icy fingers of a cold snap starting to creep across the seascape.
During a lunar eclipse, the earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun's light and we see the earth's shadow creep across the moon's surface.
CHICAGO - As the late-afternoon shadows began to creep across Wrigley Field on Sunday, the Dodgers could have been forgiven for being a bit uneasy.