credit to

a credit to (someone or something)

A person or thing that reflects very well on someone or something. You children are so well behaved. They're a real credit to your parenting. Sarah is a credit to this company. We must do everything we can to keep her on board. You should all be proud. The work you've done here today will stand as a credit to you all.
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credit (something) to (someone or something)

1. To apply a payment to a financial account belonging to someone or something. Now, which account should I credit this payment to?
2. To give someone praise, admiration, or acknowledgement for some task, achievement, or accomplishment. Jenny did all the hard parts of the project, so we need to credit the work to her.
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credit something to someone or something

1. Lit. to record a sum owed to the account of someone or something. I will credit this payment to your account. I am afraid that I accidentally credited your payment to George.
2. Fig. to give someone or something well-deserved praise. The entire organization credited much praise to Jeff. We had to credit much of our success to simple good luck.
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credit to someone or something

of value or benefit to someone or something; of enough value or worth as to enhance someone or something. I always want to be a credit to my school. John is not what you would call a credit to his family.
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References in classic literature ?
Now, sir, you have but to say the word, and I will spare you all uneasiness by presenting my letter of credit to one or other of these two firms." The blow had struck home, and Danglars was entirely vanquished; with a trembling hand he took the two letters from the count, who held them carelessly between finger and thumb, and proceeded to scrutinize the signatures, with a minuteness that the count might have regarded as insulting, had it not suited his present purpose to mislead the banker.
It was not true business principle to allow credit to a strong- bodied young fellow of the working-class who was too lazy to work.
"This," says he, "is to my bankers, the British Linen Company, placing a credit to your name.
'Mr Abel's feelings did credit to his nature, and credit to your nature, ma'am, and his father's nature, and human nature.
Bridgforth connects behaviors that effect credit to culture, fear, family, self-image, discrimination and slavery.
For example, taking out a 15-year home equity line of credit to pay off $20,000 in debt could cost more than $18,000 in interest.
John Deere provided credit to the purchaser of the third plow that he ever sold in 1837, the year the company was founded.
She called every business the ID thieves had tried to scam and told them not to extend credit to the impostors.
40(g) small ethanol producer credit to producers with annual production capacity of 60 million gallons (up from 30 million gallons), for tax years ending after Aug.
Nonbusiness Tax Credit to Individuals for Solar, Photovoltaic and Fuel Cells.
One of the most common errors small businesses make is using short-term credit to finance long-term purchases.
This part establishes rules under which a Federal Reserve Bank may extend credit to depository institutions and others.
Not only is there no guarantee that there will be sufficient funds to provide a tax credit to all eligible families, but in order to participate in the program, parents would need to have their tuition money up-front and then take advantage of the credit later.
By the same token, companies with deferred tax assets (mainly banks and companies with tax loss carryforwards) will enjoy a corresponding credit to income because they will be able to write up their deferred tax assets to reflect the new 36% rate.