credit for

credit for (something)

Praise, admiration, or acknowledgement for some task, achievement, or accomplishment. Even though Jenny did all the hard work on the project, Mary was the one who got credit for it. You have to give John credit for the humility he shows regarding his financial success.
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credit someone or something for something

to give someone or something the praise deserved for doing something. We must credit Sarah for her efforts on our behalf. We have to credit all the rain we've had for saving the crops.
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It is not uncommon for people who are much better fed and taught than Christopher Nubbles had ever been, to make duties of their inclinations in matters of more doubtful propriety, and to take great credit for the self-denial with which they gratify themselves.
Because estate and income taxes are different, neither country's tax code allows a credit for the taxes imposed at death by the other country.
"Whether Boards are moving ahead with capital improvement projects or refinancing existing debt, NCB is increasingly the lender of choice in the Tri-State area." Among the deals closed, Howe originated an $8.3 million first mortgage for a 462-unit co-op located at 5610-5650 & 5615-5645 Netherland Avenue in Riverdale, NY; a $4.5 million first mortgage for Elmhurst Towers, a 160-unit co-op located at 81-11 45th Avenue in Elmhurst, NY; a $3.6 million first mortgage and a $500,000 line of credit for a 107-unit co-op located at 3103 Fairfield Avenue in Riverdale, NY; a $2.8 million first mortgage and $500,000 line of credit for a 99-unit co-op located at 2 Bronxille Road in Yonkers, NY.
The rating drops only when a lender or creditor checks your credit for an application.
If you receive calls or letters indicating that you have been approved or denied credit for which you never applied, unusual credit card or utility bills in your name, or a credit card statement listing unrecognizable purchases, you may have been victimized.
Individuals may receive credit for only one designation.
The guidance notes that appropriate use of primary credit for contingency situations requires institutions to ensure that (1) the necessary documentation and collateral arrangements are in place; (2) primary credit lines are periodically tested; (3) viable take-out or exit strategies exist to replace primary credit borrowings; and (4) appropriate cost-benefit analyses are conducted in light of the cost of primary credit borrowings relative to other sources of short-term contingency funds.
In 1999, President Clinton proposed a tax credit for families who had a relative receiving long-term care.
There is one federal tax credit called the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Commercial Solar Energy.
If testing your brains out is not your thing, you can still shave off thousands of dollars from the escalating cost of college tuition in other ways: concurrent enrollment in college and high school; correspondence courses and distance learning courses available on audio- and videotapes, online, television and combinations thereof; credit for foreign academic experience; and credit for life experience learning, which is now awarded through most nontraditional or independent study degree programs.
The credit is set at 63 percent of the federal credit for taxpayers with adjusted gross income under $40,000; 53 percent of the federal credit for taxpayers with adjusted gross income between $40,000--$70,000; and 42 percent of the federal credit for taxpayers with adjusted gross income between $70,000--$100,000.
Though not literally a voucher plan, it raised many of the same policy and constitutional concerns because it would have cleared the way for a tax credit for tuition at private schools, including religious schools.
Granting credit for international customers does take time, and it has an associated labor and credit-report cost.
The flip side of this picture, however, is a staggering resource: legions of older people with time on their hands and more energy than they are given credit for. In 1985, Cahn proposed legislation to nest a service credit program in the Florida human resources department.
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