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lend support to (something)

1. To add information or details to something, especially to make it seem more credible or probable. Do you have any evidence that lends support to your assertion? We cannot do anything that will lend support to our opponents' allegations about us.
2. To provide assistance or approval to something. The president is lending support to the governor's re-election campaign. Your department will have responsibility, but the sales team will lend support to the project if needed.
See also: lend, support

lend credence to (something)

To make something seem more credible or probable, perhaps by providing additional information or details. He splashed mud all over his car and clothes to lend credence to his story about being in the mountains all weekend. We cannot do anything that will lend credence to our opponents' allegations about us.
See also: credence, lend

give credence to (someone or something)

To make something seem more credible or probable, perhaps by providing additional information or details. You're famous in this field—if you comment this guy's wacky notions, you'll just be giving credence to them. Ultimately, we need an expert to give credence to our findings.
See also: credence, give

give credence to someone or something

to consider someone or something as believable or trustworthy. How can you give credence to a person like Henry? I can't give any credence to Donald. He tells lies. Don't give credence to what he says. Please don't give credence to that newspaper article.
See also: credence, give

lend supˈport, ˈweight, ˈcredence, etc. to something

make something seem more likely to be true or genuine: This latest evidence lends support to her theory.
See also: lend, something
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The Credence ID website and related support portal for Certified Partners continues to be a valuable tool through which we interact with current and potential partners, said Bruce Hanson, CEO & President.
Partnering with Credence Security allows eSentire to gain market presence and access to a key part of the EMEA market, connecting its service capabilities to partners and customers in that region.
As an eSentire distributor for reseller partners in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, Credence Security will have dedicated resources focusing on providing pre-sales support to partners and end customers for eSentire's core portfolio of Active Threat Protection services, specifically Network Interceptor, Host Interceptor, Log Sentry and Continuous Vulnerability Scanning (CVS).
By providing valuable technology resources, Credence and HKSTP can help local companies in Hong Kong prosper in the competitive global electronics market.
Credence Systems Corporation is changing the future of semiconductor production by integrating test solutions throughout the design, validation and production processes.
With a credence good, a consumer can never really learn most of what he or she would like to know about the good, even after using it many times.
However, classifying goods into search, experience, and credence categories can present conceptual and practical difficulties, limiting the usefulness of the approach.
This is an extremely exciting time for us at Credence Security -- we are in the process of growing our presence across the Middle East, Africa and India.