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in creation?

Used as an intensifier after a question word (who, what, where, when, why, and how) to express extreme confusion, surprise, or aggravation. And just how in creation am I supposed to have three reports done by 9 AM tomorrow? Where in creation did you find that rusty old car? Who in creation is making all that noise?

all over creation

Everywhere; over a great distance or area; all over the place. Primarily heard in US. I've been looking all over creation trying to find you! Janet: "You guys are two hours late! Where were you?" George: "Lenny here thought he'd take a shortcut, and we ended up driving all over creation!"
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all over creation

 and all over hell and half of Georgia; all over hell and gone; to hell and gone
Rur. everywhere. Little Billy had his toys spread out all over creation. It took forever to clean up after him. They're looking all over creation, trying to find the missing man. Tom has traveled all over hell and half of Georgia trying to find the man who done him wrong.
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the hind end of creation

Rur. a very remote place. I wish I lived in the city. I'm tired of living here in the hind end of creation. Joe moved out to a little shack at the hind end of creation.
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on earth

 and in creation; in the world
Fig. really; indeed; in fact. (Used as an intensifier after who, what, when, where, how.) What on earth do you mean?' How in creation do you expect me to do that? Who in the world do you think you are?
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in creation

see under on earth.
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on earth

1. Also, in creation; in the world. Ever, anywhere, of all possible things. These phrases are all used for emphasis in questions or, less often, in a negative context. For example, What on earth is he doing with a spade? or Where in creation did that child go? or How in the world do you expect me to carry all those bags? [Late 1700s]
2. like nothing on earth. Incomparable. For example, That perfume smells like nothing on earth, or Her new hair color is like nothing on earth. [c. 1900]
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on earth

Among all the possibilities: Why on earth did you put on that outfit?
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All different life-forms, in all their creational multiplicity, exist in direct dependence on God's sovereignty, so that no foreign powers may intervene.
Borrowing from but not directly following a prominent dichotomy in biology and anthropology, we can hypothesize that, in contrast to the creational concept of fiction that still dominates modern literary critics who look in literary texts for the expressive vision of an individual author, traditional xiaoshuo was expected in old China to be evolutionary, to be the ever-changeable product of the collaboration between different authors and different commentators through time.
Redemption which was implicitly present in the wholeness of original creation now emerges as the counterpart to God's creational activity.
There is a creational, even cosmic horizon for Christian theological reflection suggested with the theme invoking the God of Life.
The Fall is neither the first nor the last reality impinging upon human nature; creational goodness came first, and God's redemption comes after.
The context of all our mission is the world in which we live, the world of sin, suffering, injustice, and creational disorder, into which God sends us to love and serve for Christ's sake.
In portraying what this healing work looks like, Bonzo and Stevens "trace a set of creational boundaries that, when acknowledged with gratitude, allow for the construction of communities of healing" (89).
The purpose of the ethical provisions given in the context of redemption, which include both the covenant law of the Old Testament and the ethics of the kingdom of God in the New, is to restore to humans the desire and the ability to conform to the creational pattern--God's original purpose for them.
In this viewpoint, "the evident differences between men and women are due to different external and internal, physical and spiritual, creational, habitual and sentimental aspects [of femininity and masculinity]".
Sample code is provided for model-view- controller (MVC), creational, structural, and behavioral patterns.
Franciscan theology has consistently held together the twin poles' of creational theology and incarnational theology in such a way that one without the other is theologically inconceivable.
Rather than thinking of one form of the family (the male-headed family) as a creational norm, we should think of marriage as an expression of the quest for redemptive community.
Inscribing the Time is rewarding for its fresh insights into the creational environments of the plays and the complexity of intra-cultural forces at work on the Elizabethan playwright.
the creational background that God made image-bearing humans to work
Such divine activity would seem to contradict God's creational Sabbath, which several New Testament passages view as continuing into the present (Collins' arguments here are worth noting).