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crease up

To become creased or wrinkled, as of clothing. After sitting for so long in my suit, the pants are starting to crease up.
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crease something up

to get creases or folds into something that is supposed to be flat; to wrinkle one's clothing. (Very similar to messed up.) You will crease your jacket up if you don't sit up straight. I was sitting so long that I creased up my pants.
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mod. exhausted. What a day. I am totally creased.
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If you love linen garments but simply cannot come to terms with the creases, get rid of them by ironing them out the right way.
Congenital, pubertal, acquired, temporary, low transverse stripes or creases have been reported in addition to this newly reported TNC.
TIP: When sewing pants, always join the legs before adding creases. This allows room to alter the side and inner seams if changes are required.
The physical properties of treated fabric of dry crease recovery angle, tear strength and tensile strength after a domestic wash were also evaluated.
Then drag an awl or screwdriver along the straightedge to crease the metal.
Vannucci, the plaintiffs' causation expert, testified on cross-examination that simian creases are a result of a prenatal abnormality in the development of a fetus' brain that "can correlate with cerebral palsy." The court noted that the plaintiffs failed to object to this line of question.
We want to thank you for bringing up the creases on the uniform.
And don't forget hanging most fabrics in a steamy bathroom after a hot shower will send all but the most stubborn creases packing!
THE days of sweating over a hot iron to remove stubborn creases from clothes may be a thing of the past with the launch of a washing machine that claims to do the job for you.
Steam is used in irons to penetrate fibers and knock out creases in fabric.
We have lines (creases) on our hands and feet to help them bend or flex.