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crease up

To become creased or wrinkled, as of clothing. After sitting for so long in my suit, the pants are starting to crease up.
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crease something up

to get creases or folds into something that is supposed to be flat; to wrinkle one's clothing. (Very similar to messed up.) You will crease your jacket up if you don't sit up straight. I was sitting so long that I creased up my pants.
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mod. exhausted. What a day. I am totally creased.
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To finish, blend black shade 10 into the crease line and outer edge of the lower lash line.
Diagonal earlobe crease and coronary artery disease in a Chinese population.
This relaxes the fibers making it easier to remove wrinkles and achieve sharper creases.
As the crease recovery of fabrics was improved, their tear and tensile strength reduced regardless of different curing treatments and chemical compositions.
Crease is also warning his men of an Alloa backlash after the Wasps were thumped at Elgin last weekend.
Open the paper up so the crease is pointing down, like a book.
He finished unbeaten on 103 having spent over five hours at the crease withstanding everything England could throw at him, while Yuvraj, subjected to a fierce verbal battle with England's fielders at the start of his innings, hit an unbeaten 85.
The relationship between earlobe crease and heart disease, primarily coronary disease (heart attacks), was first suggested more than thirty years ago and has been studied many times in various populations.
Origami crease patterns for Eupatorus gracilicornis, opus 476 (above).
The first thing I noticed was the crease in the pants.
The coronary ear crease is a diagonal line pointing up towards your eyebrows.
Free your man by sending him and another player to the crease; if one crease defender is playing with a short stick, try to pick and re-pick until the "shut off" player is being guarded by the short-stick defender.
Roenick appeared to have been taken down in the San Jose crease in the moments that preceded Cheechoo pushing the puck into the Kings net, and no penalty was called on the play.
However, damp fabrics are just as likely to crease again, so the fabric needs to be 'set' by a further application of dry heat.
Occasionally, the two top creases of the hand come together and form one crease.