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cream (someone)

1. To strike or assault someone. The big dude at the bar said he would cream me if I so much as looked at his girlfriend again.
2. To defeat someone thoroughly or overwhelmingly. The underdog team somehow ended up creaming the returning champions, with a final score of 27–3.
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cream (something)

slang To destroy or wreck something completely. Some idiot on the highway creamed Tom's brand new sports car last night! Thankfully he wasn't hurt.
See also: cream
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1. tv. to beat someone; to outscore someone. The other team creamed us, but we had better team spirit.
2. semen. (Usually objectionable.) His father found some cream in the john and went into a purple rage.
3. in. & tv. to ejaculate [semen]. (See cream (in) one’s pants.) He creamed right on the floor.
4.  vaginal secretions. Now, that ought to bring on the cream!
5. to copulate [with] someone, usually a female. (Usually objectionable.) He acted like he wanted to cream her.
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