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a creaking door hangs longest

Sick people often outlive healthy people. Oh, I wouldn't worry about Uncle Stu—he's been sick for years, and a creaking door hangs longest.
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creaking door hangs longest

 and creaking gate hangs longest
Prov. Sickly people often live longer than healthy ones. Jill: I'm worried that my grandmother may not live much longer. She's been sick for so many years. Jane: Well, if it's any comfort, I've heard that a creaking door hangs longest.
See also: creak, door, hang, long
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How does this explain the creaks you might hear your home?
The first hint of trouble was early on Sunday morning when 64-year-old Mr Hodson heard strange creaks.
If so, there will be no tongue and groove and two boards have been butted together resulting in creaks.
This is quite some load for one screenplay to manage, let alone juggle adroitly, and Gleize's script creaks from the strain.
It is easier to fix the creaks from below the staircase but if the back of the stairs has been plastered over, you will have to work from above.
Paying homage to Churchill's defiant words, Rubin writes: ``Flags snap in the breeze, and Roosevelt's wheelchair creaks its way across the deck, and Churchill leads everyone, Britons and Americans together, in singing.
Its well-worn front stairs emit reassuring creaks when you make your way up or down them.
His latest, ``Space Cowboys'' - out this week on video and DVD - creaks into the first category.
CANYON COUNTRY - A weathered plywood for-sale sign creaks in the breeze outside an unusual collection of buildings with a past as colorful as the newly painted stucco.
A for-sale sign creaks in the wind in front of the empty Spanish colonial-style house, distinguished by its large, landscaped yard and white picket fence.
Director Michael Apted, best-known for dramas like ``Nell'' and ``Coal Miner's Daughter,'' doesn't show any inclination to put his own stamp on the series, and the screenplay (credited to three writers) creaks at every turn.
Though its plotting creaks, the principal characters are engaging: Barry himself, who is his own worst enemy, and Robert Levin (Timothy Busfield), his romance coach and best friend.
She said her brother could not have sneaked out without her knowing because her trailer creaks when there is movement and her two dogs are ``barkers.
Later, however, he declared that he'd suffered only the minor creaks and pains common to 40-something life - and that his mortification over his botched fielding play was nearly as intense as his physical pain.
The new General Motors mini-vans are designed to be light but stiff, providing a structure that is free of creaks and groans over rough roads and also protects interior space in the event of a collision.