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a creaking door hangs longest

Sick people often outlive healthy people. Oh, I wouldn't worry about Uncle Stu—he's been sick for years, and a creaking door hangs longest.
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creaking door hangs longest

 and creaking gate hangs longest
Prov. Sickly people often live longer than healthy ones. Jill: I'm worried that my grandmother may not live much longer. She's been sick for so many years. Jane: Well, if it's any comfort, I've heard that a creaking door hangs longest.
See also: creak, door, hang, long
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Lines like, "Do you think that happiness is the best, the highest thing we can know?" and, "Who am I that I should call myself the master of any woman?" sound not only like creakingly antique translations of Ibsen, but the lines of a novelist rather than a dramatist.
But the increase of literacy coincided (if it was coincidence) with the point-by-point logic of Puritan sermons, the rise of scientific rationalism, and the creakingly systematic "Ramist" method of intellectual self-improvement.
Surely the wrenching horror of seeing our beloved Mal slowly, creakingly lowered into the dirt would jar loose real grief, creating enough intensity to commemorate the loss.
Charles de Gaulle II, in which the gates are strung out in strips, tries to give some sense of location, but at the expense of interminable journeys, either on foot or in maddening lift-jack buses which slowly and creakingly trundle about.
The book's general history is creakingly derived from Christopher Hill and Lawrence Stone: some rather old views are rehearsed with no mention of subsequent critiques and revisions.
A nymph-attended goddess, bathing in a mountain spring, disturbed by a young hunter: roles custom-made for Artemis and Actaeon, and creakingly uncomfortable for Athena and Teiresias.
The background sounds like a delicate, yet creakingly uncomfortable, construction site (creaking, hammering, tapping, pings) which slowly fades, after the reading stops.
The 1958 Inter-Law School Report on the New York State Constitution stated that it was "literally amazed by the extent to which the Constitution of New York contains hollow phrases, defective provisions, and creakingly antiquated policies." (15) The Temporary Commission on the Revision and Simplification of the Constitution echoed these sentiments, calling the New York Constitution "almost unreadable and [one that] can be understood only after tedious study." (16) It continued:
Pym said: "Customers are in creakingly recognizing the strength of our product range and our franchise is growing well.
It was only as the sink creakingly gave way under my weight that I realised this wasn't my finest hour, and we had to leave el pronto that morning.
The creakingly wooden script is the filmic equivalent of a petrified forest.