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a creaking door hangs longest

Sick people often outlive healthy people. Oh, I wouldn't worry about Uncle Stu—he's been sick for years, and a creaking door hangs longest.
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creaking door hangs longest

 and creaking gate hangs longest
Prov. Sickly people often live longer than healthy ones. Jill: I'm worried that my grandmother may not live much longer. She's been sick for so many years. Jane: Well, if it's any comfort, I've heard that a creaking door hangs longest.
See also: creak, door, hang, long
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Then the mirrored doors on the bathroom cabinets all creaked together - knew that was odd."
creaked again was she smiling pouring another black coffee for one of
It was his last-ditch tackle on South African centre Jean de Villiers which saved England when they looked like buckling and twice more turned up with great interventions as his side creaked.
The stairs creaked as I ascended to the first floor, where I entered now this sun-filled room, now that one.
DR TERRIBLE: Sending up the Hammer House of Horrors is not an easy task given that the original 70s films creaked with creepy cliches, groaned with hammy acting and were more likely to have us screaming with laughter than with fear.
Doors slammed, floorboards creaked and the air filled with a strange humming noise.
"The house creaked - there was no housemoving or pictures falling off the wall, but the house just creaked.