crazy about

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crazy about (someone or something)

Very enthusiastically fond of someone or something. Teri is just crazy about her new boyfriend and won't stop talking about him. Ever since she started taking lessons as a kid, Amy has been crazy about tennis. I'm not crazy about that place, so can we go somewhere else for dinner?
See also: crazy

crazy about someone or something

 and mad about someone or something; nuts about someone or something; crazy for someone or something
Fig. very fond of someone or something. Ann is crazy about John. He's crazy about her, too. I'm mad about their new song.
See also: crazy
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Customers will go crazy for Plum Crazy Shrimp only from Margaritaville[R] butterfly shrimp dipped on our unique batter and tossed in seasoned flour for a restaurant-quality shrimp out of the over.
YOU'LL gogo crazy for our fantastic Crazy Bones toy giveaway today - get FOUR FREE Gogos from the amazingly successful playground phenomenon.
All-girl band GLO, with Haley Giraldo, daughter of Pat Benatar (who the band toured with) will perform their new song "Overtime: Crazy for You.