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COST OF CRAZINESS: It's free to enter on the night for each of the sections - men, ladies and juniors.
Alexandrou revealed that after 36 years, the Queen of the Carnival is returning to the celebrations, with Erma Stylianides playing the role of 'The Queen of the Crisis and Craziness'.
"We are all being carried along on this wave of craziness," said Fox-Pitt, of the London 2012 experience.
Earnshaw said: "There is a lot of hype and craziness around these big matches and we have to get past that and play our normal game.
"It's hard playing with him anyway, with all the craziness that goes on.
Right-wing, left-wing, and moderate viewpoints are all present in these merciless lambasting of government foibles, political mishaps, current events craziness. From the portrait of small businesses as a short man whose height falls well below a line marked "You must be this tall to be too big to fail", to an aide frankly telling President Obama, "So Congress didn't sign your health care plan into law before their recess.
WEST HAM boss Gianfranco Zola is ready to unleash Alessandro Diamanti's "craziness" on Liverpool at Upton Park this evening.
Ace Alessandro Diamanti "He has some craziness in his eyes so I'm expecting good things from him," Zola said.
However, if there is a league table that highlights the craziness of writing racing's history books solely on the period between Lincoln and November Handicap days, it's the one involving jockeys.
Created by marketing agency Engauge, the Pert Plus Keep It Simple Philosophy campaign will carry the tagline "Crazy good hair, without the craziness." Headlines such as "The World's Fastest Good Hair Day" will communicate how well Pert Plus fits in with target consumers' easygoing attitudes and their simple approach to the way they live their lives.
Iran yesterday dismissed speculation that it risked being attacked by the United States over its contested nuclear drive, saying that a military strike would be "craziness." "Any aggression or military action against Iran is an idiocy whose repercussions would hurt all," government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham told reporters.
Both of them want Penny to go home--but when they join forces to get her kicked out, an unexpected friendship evolves in this fun story of camp craziness. Kathryn Erskine's QUAKING (9780399247743, $16.99) tells of Matt, who dresses in Gothic black and defies everyone until she moves in with a peaceful Quaker family in Pennsylvania.
There was so much anonymous craziness going on, but the column gave me an excuse to do things I would not have felt comfortable doing.
There is a craziness to Hofer's interior images--that of an apparent logic that we feel almost able to grasp--that the curator's ordering gaze necessarily attempts to restrict.
A bizarre incident triggers some simmering craziness in the post's chain of command and Miles is in official disgrace.