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I turned gloomily to look at the English equivalent, the National Monuments Record which was crazily relocated in far distant Swindon.
And the Authority itself has lately tried, crazily, to revive the long-since mooted UN Resolution 181 of 1947, which effectively would dismantle the current Israel.
There's something crazily uncompromising about Crash--and something awe-inspiring, too.
Pity the poor consumer, stumbling into an American department store, spinning crazily in a dizzying swirl of colors and cosmetics -- so many things to buy, so many choices to be made, so many shoes to try on.
Such investigations may eventually furnish clues as to why fractals appear to abound in nature, from crazily indented coastlines to the intricate branching of air passages in the human lung.
When its water hits the Feather, much of it then flows crazily into a technological never-land of crafted concrete, whirling turbine blades, and enormous pump impellers.
It's what "creature" means: "created one" - as if in their sex enthusiasm mucus-gooed and aria-throated, the boar in a slipper of living bacon, the stallion neighing crazily and entering with blunt grace, oh even the flea with his intricate two-stem barbuled tool and special feathery extension for soothing his egg-stuffed love .
Murdoch's novels are noted for intricacy of plot and character, psychological penetration, and subtlety of style, with a wit that ranges from recondite irony to the crazily comic.
Life these days is crazily busy, so if we have to resort to a fast food diet we need to make it as healthy as possible with tasty alternatives to burgers and pizzas.
Despite being in terrible form they are 6-5 favourites for the trip to the Bentegodi Stadium, which looks crazily short.
However, to people of a certain age, trolls will forever be those cute little dolls with the crazily coloured hair and an apparent aversion to clothing.
They set about re-writing history - winning the lottery, fixing exams and partying crazily - but soon realise that by changing the past they impact the future.
Add to this lethal mix, children living in houses of Abdullah Park II compound opposite the Riyada Centre, they are all future victims of drivers speeding crazily all day up and down now heavily populated stretch.
The result moved the Robins to exactly six points below the play-offs and six points above the relegation zone in what looks like being another crazily tight Sky Bet League Two season.
So-called legal highs led to illegal highs and her boy's life started to career crazily out of control.