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Simar Singh, a 22-year-old Indian, said that living it up in Las Vegas was his craziest highlight of the year.
Confetti Championship is the most colorful and the craziest challenge on the iPhone/iPod touch ever," states developer Rodriguez Stortebeker.
Art Craziest Nation (Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, 0151 478 4199) until January 29.
And if fans think Persuasion pushes envelopes, just wait till next year, Wood says, when they see her starring alongside Annette Bening and Joseph Fiennes in the film adaptation of out writer Augusten Burroughs's seminal autobiography Running With Scissors, which Wood calls "the craziest thing I've ever done.
HATS off to the Big Brother bosses for assembling the craziest crew of characters yet.
The former head trainer for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders and consultant for the Green Bay Packers, George Anderson has penned a rollercoaster of locker room hijinks featuring pro football's craziest stories
THE craziest, wildest, wackiest car show of them all has roared into Birmingham's NEC.
This is absolutely the craziest thing I'd done during the ten years I've been teaching at Lilleaker School," the instructor said.
Then we asked you to tell us your wildest and craziest dreams.
The craziest musical around returned to Birmingham this week - and it meant only one thing.
It's the craziest thing I've ever been involved with in my career," says paleontologist Philip J.
The sloppiness, the reduction of something that had once been the biggest, most sexualized, hottest, craziest fucking thing in the world into this chronology that didn't even mean anything anymore.
It's one of the country's oldest and craziest celebrations: Mardi Gras.
THE Championship promotion race has been the craziest anyone can recall.
In an interview with SirusXM show Sway in the Morning, a fan asked the actress what was the craziest place she had sexing, to which the 'Crossroads' star replied that she was a part of the mile high club.