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The Zombie Walk & Pub Crawl features a host of local bars and restaurants along New Orleans' Magazine Street corridor that are offering drink specials to participants of this fright-filled event.
TIME is running out fast to register for Culture Crawl Liverpool, which takes place on Friday.
The first Dance Happily Ever After pub crawl took place on April 21, with hundreds of revellers turning up as their favourite characters.
News crawls have become an ever-present source of breaking news and important information on our television screens.
In this study, we examined the scaling relationships between size and speed in Cornu aspersum Muller, 1774 (formerly known as Helix aspersa), a terrestrial snail that crawls using direct monotaxic muscular waves.
FORGET about pub crawls - Newcastle is set to launch its first ever Culture Crawl.
We analysed the 44 custom-made pub crawls in Cardiff listed on the website barcrawl.
A MAJORCAN resort is clamping down on pub crawls organised by the company at the centre of a sex video scandal.
This can also be done by repeated experimental crawls with different parameters.
I noticed once that a dolphin crawls out of the water to the swimming pool edge when some person is walking alongside the pool," Dolgy said.