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A major category that showed promise and helped the DaaS industry segment grow was Web Crawling and Data Extraction.
Additionally, the outsole wraps up and around the upper to protect crawling feet and provide durability in the two key abrasion points: the heel and the toe.
The one-day course is offered to people arrested on suspicion of kerb crawling as an alternative to court proceedings.
The rest of the introduction explains ontology learning and our methodology in more detail, and therefore motivates the importancy of a crawling system with noise reduction.
A seaside snail crawling along the gooey streak left by another snail is saving a lot of energy, say researchers, because it doesn't have to ooze so much slime itself.
PALMDALE -- Palmdale will be represented in the 2007 Tournament of Roses parade by a family of desert tortoises crawling along a springtime landscape.
Researchers in Japan have found a way to use crawling bacteria to power a micromotor.
But much as Katie crawling would persuade us first-time parents that our daughter was doing all the right things, it would also usher in a new era of dread about disasters waiting to happen.
Leafcutter ants can be seen crawling across ropes above the heads of visitors.
The former is made possible through new work in focused crawling and the latter through innovations in automated classification (which include the assignment of Library of Congress Subject Headings [LCSH] and Library of Congress Classifications [LCC] ).
TWO families were shocked to discover that packets of raisins they'd given to their children were crawling with MAGGOTS.
He tried again, this time crawling, but was again driven back.
Half toddling, half crawling, the youngster headed down the steps, along a service road and towards the station.
THE number of company car drivers kerb crawling in red-light areas has rocketed in the last year.
The number of company car owners caught kerb crawling has rocketed, lead-ing to many personnel departments to issue warnings to execs and staff alike.