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And when you have crawled, crawl again.' Some were staggering to their feet, others lumbering back down to their knees, others dithering.
Her daughter later ran to her and said that her 2-year-old son, Ezra, had crawled toward the machine to get a toy.
The system should allocate the crawled page data on different nodes using its ability of distributed storage capacity.
We used a digital video camera to record the ventral side of the foot while snails crawled in a glass aquarium for the vertical surface measurements, and while they crawled along a Plexiglas platform for the horizontal surface measurements.
DARING Mendonca, Brown, Three Irons and Cheadle crawled through an air duct to freedom
(b) Crawling distance: the total distance the leukocyte crawled from the initial site of adhesion to the transmigration site ([micro]m).
I crawled out of the swamp and I'm not crawling back in," he added.
MURDERED Judith Richardson was repeatedly struck on the head as she crawled along her hall floor, a court heard.
Crawler filled the form; crawl the information lie behind that form and then indexer saved the crawled information in database for future use.
a nest of wooden tables he had bought from Harveys fur-AEXOTIC animal expert has identified the inch-long bug, right, that crawled out of a South Wales man's coffee table.
In the context of this work, this is the data crawled from the Web.
I shuffled along the linoleum tiles wrenching my neck to get a glance at the clock as I crawled past the open kitchen door.