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We used a digital video camera to record the ventral side of the foot while snails crawled in a glass aquarium for the vertical surface measurements, and while they crawled along a Plexiglas platform for the horizontal surface measurements.
DARING Mendonca, Brown, Three Irons and Cheadle crawled through an air duct to freedom
Yossef and Rajagopalan (2002) have been able to improve the precision of crawled text content for similarity based queries by removing template content by 5-10%.
We were called back, but I heard two guys had been hit on the right flank, so I crawled over to them," he recalled for the January 9 Salt Lake Tribune.
For Tompkins Square Crawl, 1991, the artist, dressed in a business suit and awkwardly holding a tiny flowerpot, laboriously crawled on his stomach around the East Village park.
He crawled through wire mesh gates and down a short lane towards the platform.
And, perhaps most famously and unsettlingly, he crawled through New York's Tompkins Square Park wearing a suit and clutching a flowerpot, while a white cameraman, whom he had hired, recorded each inch and minute of his excruciating progress.
A 45-YEAR-old man crawled for two hours to reach a telephone to call an ambulance after surviving a 100ft fall down a cliff.
After determining the location of the child's bedroom, and without regard for his personal safety, Sergeant Norwood entered the smoke-filled house, crawled up the stairs, and began to blindly search for the child.
A recent study of 351 infants found that those who slept on their stomachs rolled over, crawled, and pulled themselves to a standing position at a younger age than babies who slept on their backs.
A GIRL of nine who crawled into her blazing home to rescue her little brother has won one of the world's highest bravery awards.
I crawled in reality, each dead leg thrown from the hip like a sack of wheat while the weight of my upper body came down on hands spread-eagled against a two-inch thick mattress that smelled of all the bodies that had crawled through that rehab room before me.