crawl back to

crawl back to (one)

To return to one in a dejected or humbled fashion. Maybe if you went crawling back to your boss, you could get your job back.
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crawl back to someone

Fig. to go back to someone humbly, perhaps asking for forgiveness. I knew you would come crawling back to me! I wouldn't crawl back to him for all the tea in China.
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References in classic literature ?
Thrice he attempted to turn himself upon his hands and knees, that he might crawl back to his death, but in the few hours that he had lain there he had become too weak to return to Thuran's side.
The little pink sloth-thing became shy and left me, to crawl back to its natural life once more among the tree-branches.
Why doesn't he crawl back to where he came from and take his wooden spoon with him?
So my advice is crawl back to your prams and carry on throwing your toys out, if you've got any left.
THE Chelsea fan who branded Liverpool supporters "Scouse scum" and tweeted "crawl back to your horrible Merseyside home" is an award-winning corporate lawyer.
He said he would meet me the following Saturday at the skeet range but since I had talked so much smack about how 1 could beat him in front of our friends, he said that whoever lost had to crawl back to their vehicle from the shooting line.
the houses we desire, the blue pools we long to crawl back to in summer.
Finally, let us have a national referendum on hunting so that the few who wish to resume this despicable practice will be silenced once and for all and can crawl back to the Middle Ages .
Now the betting is that our Tories will have to abjectly crawl back to this group if they are play a role in the Parliament.
Will she let him begin the crawl back to her or accept the love that Matthew has to give?
He had to crawl back to his milk float on his hands and knees, covered in blood.
``If I put him down after bathing him he tries to crawl back to the bathroom!''
Force them to crawl back to work on their hands and knees.
And why, when they had let the Simply Red star go after six hours of interviewing, did it take three officers to crawl back to the Surrey mansion and explain that it had all been a mistake?
And that's when you crawl back to your desk and want to do discovery."