crawl across

crawl across (something)

1. Of a person, to move across an area on one's hands and knees. When I turned back around, the baby was already crawling across the room!
2. Of an insect, to walk across an area. When I saw the bee crawling across the windowsill, I bolted out of the room.
See also: across, crawl

crawl across something

 and crawl along something
[for someone] to move across something on hands and knees; [for an insect or something similar] to walk across something. The wounded officer had to crawl across the open area to get to safety. The caterpillar crawled across the leaf and stopped at the end. She crawled along the catwalk, fearing to look down.
See also: across, crawl
References in classic literature ?
Polychrome, her beautiful gauzy robes floating around her like a rainbow cloud, went first, dancing back and forth and darting now here to pluck a wild-flower or there to watch a beetle crawl across the path.
Snakes don't crawl across sharp or very rough surfaces--it cuts their belly.
Admin worker Lauren, now awaiting tests to reveal the type of spider which bit her, said: "I was in bed asleep when I felt something crawl across my left arm.
BARTON replies: Lungworm can infect dogs when they eat slugs or snails that have the parasites, or you leave your dog bowls outdoors where slugs and snails crawl across them.
It looks easy enough until you run the equivalent of a 10k, power through the challenges, and crawl across the finish line.
Kelly Jackson had to crawl across black ice on her hands and knees to reach the scene where Robert Swain had crashed on Wednesday.
Southbound traffic moved at a crawl across from the accident scene.
Convicted drug dealer Liam Woodier was the banned motorist who struck Robert Clark on Normanby Road, South Bank, in the early hours of February 4, 2006, after a pub and club crawl across Teesside.
This event is similar to the dimming one might see if a flea were to crawl across a car's headlight viewed from several miles away.
When the dark, sulfurous burrow water has no oxygen, the rivulus can leap up the sides of the burrow and crawl across damp ground, breathing through its skin.
New Scientist magazine reported: "Preliminary tests have shown that the device can crawl across the surface of brain-like gels and burrow its way into pig muscle tissue.
He had to crawl across a field, in full camouflage, without being spotted by the enemy.
The 15 turtles in the experiment's control group, which were allowed to crawl across the beach unhindered, made the 120-m trip in an average of just over 15 minutes, says Gutierrez-Ospina.
Now a dozen of them have worked out how to crawl across the cattle grid - and have invaded gardens, allotments and even the local cemetery where they eat flowers left by mourners.
Everything went well until he had to crawl across the mudbank dividing the river at its mid-way point.