crawl across

crawl across (something)

1. Of a person, to move across an area on one's hands and knees. When I turned back around, the baby was already crawling across the room!
2. Of an animal or insect, to walk across an area. When I saw the bee crawling across the windowsill, I bolted out of the room.
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crawl across something

 and crawl along something
[for someone] to move across something on hands and knees; [for an insect or something similar] to walk across something. The wounded officer had to crawl across the open area to get to safety. The caterpillar crawled across the leaf and stopped at the end. She crawled along the catwalk, fearing to look down.
See also: across, crawl
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References in classic literature ?
Polychrome, her beautiful gauzy robes floating around her like a rainbow cloud, went first, dancing back and forth and darting now here to pluck a wild-flower or there to watch a beetle crawl across the path.
As motorists crawl across they will certainly have opportunities to view the gruesome paintwork.
A freight train had to crawl across the bridge earlier as crews worked to try and remove the lorry.
They crawl across the sea floor using their flexible arms for locomotion.
Researchers at Activity Superstore have mapped out the ultimate gin crawl across the UK, which will take five days to complete and cost a total of [pounds sterling]1,428.89 on the proviso you buy a drink in every one of the 100 bars.
HAVING to crawl across wooden poles as a flooded river rages below is not your normal school run but that's what children have to endure in Rwanda.
TV's Kirstie Allsopp "If you'd spent your life being called Gyles Brandreth, you would crawl across broken glass to achieve the bliss, the simplicity, the purity, the joy of simply being called Bob."
Doctors hope to use electro-magnets to make the robot crawl across the lining of the patient's stomach.
Snakes don't crawl across sharp or very rough surfaces--it cuts their belly.
Watching a baby tentatively crawl across the room is every parent's joy, but getting a child to reach this milestone can be tricky.
Then watch it crawl across your window, cleaning as it goes.
He waits for a connection, watching plasma crawl across the bar at the bottom of the screen.
As a quick example, if I had the chance to work for Tiger Savage, then I would crawl across broken glass to do so.