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have (something) stick in (one's) craw

To be a source of irritation to one. Of course he would lie and take all the credit for my idea—he wanted to have it stick in my craw!
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stick in (one's) craw

To rankle or irritate one. It really sticks in my craw that he would lie and take all the credit for my idea!
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stick in (one's) throat

For something to bother one after it has happened, because it seems wrong or one cannot accept it. The way that Bob was fired has stuck in his throat all these years. If it had been handled differently, I don't think it would have affected him as much. Her comment really stuck in my throat. She was really out of line to say that.
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have (something) stick in one's craw

Fig. to have something irritate or displease someone. I don't like to have someone's words stick in my craw. He meant to have the problem stick in my craw and upset me.
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stick in one's craw

Also, stick in one's throat.
1. Be unable to say something, as in I meant to apologize but the words stuck in my craw. [Early 1600s]
2. Be so offensive that one can't tolerate it, as in That obscene art exhibit stuck in my throat. [Late 1600s]
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stick in your craw


stick in the craw

If something sticks in your craw or sticks in the craw, you cannot accept it because it upsets you or you think it is wrong. What really sticks in my craw is the way the competition ended. There are those for whom Lapierre's appetite for self-publicity sticks in the craw.
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stick in your craw

make you angry or irritated.
Literally, this phrase means ‘stick in your throat’. A craw is the crop of a bird or insect; the transferred sense of the word to refer to a person's gullet, originally humorous, is now almost entirely confined to this expression. Compare with stick in your gizzard (at gizzard).
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stick in your ˈthroat/ˈcraw/ˈgullet

(informal) if something sticks in your throat, it is difficult or impossible to agree with or accept: It really sticks in my throat that I get paid less than the others for doing the same job.
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stick in (one's) craw

To cause one to feel abiding discontent and resentment.
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stick in one's craw, to

To be so offensive or disagreeable that one cannot swallow it. This expression is the modern version of stick in one’s gizzard, gullet, or crop, all referring to portions of an animal’s digestive system. Their figurative use dates from the late seventeenth century. Jonathan Swift recorded one in Polite Conversation (1738): “Don’t let that stick in your gizzard.” Dickens used still another in a letter in 1843: “Your dedication to Peel stuck in my throat.” More recently Martin Cruz Smith wrote, “Doesn’t it stick in your craw that you got absolutely nowhere in the investigation?” (Wolves Eat Dogs, 2004).
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Unfortunately, Craw did not go on to publish the biography and catalogue in book form.
Early on the four-inch Chigger Craw works great, but as the water cools farther, temper things back even more, switching to a 3-incher.
"It really sticks in the craw of hill farmers, to whom pounds 2,000 is a fortune, when they hear of him getting pounds 114,000 a year still after he was sacked last March."
The situation must stick in every true Welsh craw because the flag of St George, a red cross on a white background, is meant to represent England and Wales.
Members of Utah's Minersville Volunteer Fire Department started a small bonfire in 83-year-old Eleanor Craw's yard to dispose of twigs.
PLAYERS from a top local football team put aside their on the pitch exploits to enjoy a pub craw in aid of a well established Nuneaton charity that raised almost pounds 1,000.
Remember all that sanctimonious talk about family values and the corrupting influence of the media that supposedly stuck in Hollywood's craw? After the convention, the Los Angeles Times reported that Gore's campaign has actually outraised the king of Hollywood cash, Bill Clinton.
But if that sticks in the old craw, even more does this: I read now that well-meaning fools are claiming that our national indifference to the problem is "a betrayal of Princess Diana", who so passionately campaigned against all use of landmines.
"It just stuck in my craw to have to try to weasel out of a perfectly reasonable question with an unreasonable answer," he says.
Craw Road was closed off for works earlier this summer and reports have since emerged that cones were removed by impatient vehicle users, so cars could drive over the surface before it had properly cured.
He was casting my 5/16ounce E-Series Finesse jig in brown/orange/natural craw with a green pumpkin Zoom Critter Craw.
"With this weight, rigged to the bottom of the craw instead of the top, you can use a 3/4-ounce weight and slip it through cover where someone else, using a Texas rig, would need an ounce and a half," shared FLWTour pro Cody Meyer.
It sticks in the craw that it it is cheaper to have the basics of life on the inside while life gets harder by the day for those on the right side of the law.
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