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crave to (do something)

To want or long to do something. After all this rain, the kids are craving to play outside.
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crave to do something

Rur. to want to do something eagerly. I don't crave to ride the roller coaster, thank you. The kids have been craving to see that movie for weeks.
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The barber, therefore, after some hesitation, and many hums and hahs, at last begged leave to crave the name of the lady, who appeared to be the principal cause of all this mischief.
The remaining 39 students didn't initially crave anything.
And scientists like Craves are discovering that urban industrial sites can hold surprising ecological significance.
We follow the young girls as they struggle to deliver what the world craves of them.
That is why when we are hungry, we may crave food, and when a drug abuser's brain gets used to drugs, he or she craves drugs as well.
Nurse Kathleen McGrath said many pregnant women desired coal because the body naturally craves nutritional food and antacids.