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crave to (do something)

To want or long to do something. After all this rain, the kids are craving to play outside.
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crave to do something

Rur. to want to do something eagerly. I don't crave to ride the roller coaster, thank you. The kids have been craving to see that movie for weeks.
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Craver said several Charlton residents, during a public hearing held by selectmen last year, said they were not interested in paying for water, and liked the taste of their own water better than that of Southbridge water.
Craver reached base four times and her only out was a liner to center field.
New subjects were added to the curriculum (humanities, fine arts, communication), and new teaching strategies were tried (team teaching, tracking, block scheduling) (Craver, 1988, p.
Craver said the town clerk's office would be moved into the selectmen's meeting room and the Council on Aging offices would relocate to the employee lunchroom.
Craver also said that New Hampshire has various safeguards that protect state taxpayers --safeguards that earlier versions of the program didn't have.
Those who believe that collective bargaining is the preferred method for providing ordinary employees with an effective voice in workplace affairs will find Craver's rejuvenation blueprint attractive.
Craver said if the project had cost the full amount budgeted, betterments for lakefront properties would have exceeded $6,000.
Maddie Craver enjoyed a second straight 3-for-4 day at the plate with 2 double, 3 RBI and 2 runs.
Craver said a ladder truck has been on the town's capital improvement plan for eight years.
Maddie Craver singled and Grace Huff grounded out to second for the third run of the inning.
Craver for professionalism and financial management during her performance evaluation this week, Selectman Kathleen W.
email: DIRECT MAIL CONSULTING CRAVER CREATIVE SERVICES "One of the very best fundraising copywriters in America"--Richard Wong, CEO, Gifts in Kind International; Development Director, Christian Children's Fund.
Craver to invite Housing Authority officials to the selectmen's next meeting so both sides could be heard before decisions are made.