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crave to (do something)

To want or long to do something. After all this rain, the kids are craving to play outside.
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crave to do something

Rur. to want to do something eagerly. I don't crave to ride the roller coaster, thank you. The kids have been craving to see that movie for weeks.
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If the company shut down or moved into year seven, "that's the private sector doing what the private sector does," Craver said.
Constant Cravers are people with a high genetic predisposition for obesity," says Dr Chris.
Bill Craver was among pioneer baseball's most notorious figures both on and off the field.
At about that time, the Craver & Steele firm was acquired as well.
In print, Craver revealed that a novice epidemiologist had botched the health department's study, and that the department had relied on the chemical companies' analyses when it concluded that chemicals had never contaminated drinking water.
Among the company's key products will be Foam Spring, a high-tech foam layer consisting of spring-shaped configurations that will be part of several of the viscoelastic (its Biomemory model), polyurethane and latex Garme beds, Craver said.
Craver has a special gift for weaving the traditional elements of library work with students--such as creating pathfinders and encouraging reading--with the technical pieces of a cyber library so readers learn to think about how to migrate them to an electronic format for potentially greater efficiency.
Harold and Luna Craver purchased the property for $5,000 in November 1970 from Harold and Juanita Irwin.
ConfigSENTRY consolidates control of device configurations across our multi-vendor, multi-technology network into a single, managed system," said Lynne Craver, vice president of network operations at Progress Telecom.
Proof" author David Auburn had worked with director John Rando and Hollmann at the Berkshire Theater Festival, and it was he who recommended "Urinetown" in its 1999 Fringe Festival incarnation to his agent, William Craver of Writers & Artists, and the Araca Group's Michael and Matthew Rego, who had produced Auburn's first play, "Skyscraper.
Despite that, I know when Craver took his most recent vacation, how he has been spending his time as CFO and when he has been suffering from a cold.
CMS Interactive, a division of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Co, has released a new study about Internet users' interest in engaging online with charities and advocacy groups.
Direct mail fund raising as we have known it is dead," said Roger Craver, founder and chairman of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Company, a fund-raising and membership development firm in Virginia, during a speech to the Direct Marketing Association of Washington.
REMZI: Like a streak of light I'll pass you by, Craver.
In sum, Craver offers a two-part rejuvenation blueprint that calls for (1) a more aggressive and imaginative range of representational activities by unions, and (2) more union-favorable labor relations rules.