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crave to (do something)

To want or long to do something. After all this rain, the kids are craving to play outside.
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crave to do something

Rur. to want to do something eagerly. I don't crave to ride the roller coaster, thank you. The kids have been craving to see that movie for weeks.
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Abdulla Rashed Alhajeri, founder and chief executive officer, Crave, said: "We are grateful to ADGM for their support in helping bring our concept to life and for providing us with the ecosystem and infrastructure to ensure we have everything we need to succeed."
The Crave Alley creative research and development team that conceptualized the brand's food and drinks are from Technolux, the country's foremost provider of world-class kitchen and laundry equipment, as well as small wares and consumables preferred by the country's top hotels and restaurants.
Truly the way readers consume, share and talk about books has changed greatly, and with Crave we are able to marry new methods of delivery with high-quality, value-added content to engage readers in an entirely new type of experience," says Judith Curr, President and Publisher, Atria Publishing Group.
But she warns that women need to ensure that if they crave unhealthy food, they don't eat too much of it, as a healthy diet is important during pregnancy.
Some of Crave's cupcake offerings include Mississippi Mud, Absolutely Almond, and Delta at Midnight.
Chocolate contains the same chemical the brain creates when we feel love, meaning women in particular may crave it because it creates the feeling of being loved.
Suggest this title to older teens who crave more stories about the children of the night.
India, June 24 -- Targus(R) Inc., maker of the world's top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, introduced its latest line of Crave ( trademark) collection of laptop cases featuring a variety of designs and made of premium materials that is durable, water and stain resistant.
This combination of ideologies is alive and well at the Crave Brothers cheese factory and dairy farm in Waterloo, WI.
From buttermilk pancakes with strawberry sauce to spaghetti and meatballs, THE FOOD YOU CRAVE: LUSCIOUS RECIPES FOR A HEALTHY LIFE takes comfort foods normally rich in fats and carbos and provides a healthier version.
It will be argued, however, that current approaches to the conceptualization and measurement of craving do not adequately capture the "subjective experience" of what it is to crave. To this end, the following section will detail and discuss the primary theoretical models within the craving literature.
* Other helpful suggestions include changing one's taste or smell (many teens say they can smell cigarettes or marijuana when they crave); listening to favorite music or singing; drawing or journaling; mild exercise; keeping a healthy diet; adequate sleep and recreation; positive activities; supportive connections with other recovering peers; and addressing stressors toward resolution.
Dannon claims the new Crave Control yogurt in its Light & Fit line can fend off hunger with its "unique combination of protein and fiber," trademarked ProteinFiberPlus.
Crave Busters, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, has unveiled Crave Busters, a natural product that curbs cravings for sugar and sugar-based foods.