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crater face

derogatory slang Someone with very bad acne or severe scarring therefrom. (Sometimes hyphenated.) I was a bit of a crater face in high school, but thankfully my face cleared up in college. Wow, a crater-face like you will never get a date to the dance!
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1. n. an acne scar. Walter was always sort of embarrassed about his craters.
2. in. to collapse and go down as with a falling stock price. The stock cratered and probably won’t recover for a year or two.


and pizza-face and pizza-puss and zit-face
n. a person with acne or many acne scars. (Intended as jocular. Rude and derogatory.) I gotta get some kind of medicine for these pimples. I’m getting to be a regular crater-face. I don’t want to end up a zit-face, but I love chocolate!
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When cratering occurs, some kind of low surface tension contaminant is on the substrate, in the paint, or has fallen on the paint.
On the basis of similarities in shape of ring mold, craters to laboratory impact craters in ice and of the physics of impact cratering into pure ice, the authors interpreted that ring mold craters result from projectiles hitting relatively pure ice below a thin debris layer.
The amount of cratering is much higher than, I think, most anticipated and will tell us a lot about the number and sizes of small objects in the Saturn region of our solar system," comments Tommy Grav of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.
Also, he notes, similar simulations should shed light on the cratering rates on other celestial objects with atmospheres, such as Venus, Mars, and Saturn's moon Titan.
The cratering record on Earth isn't much better: Erosion and faulting obliterate traces of impacts.
Shaw surmised that the three nodes and any other missing ones actually represent the intersection points of cratering rings that, like the K-T swath, encircle the globe.