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crater face

derogatory slang Someone with very bad acne or severe scarring therefrom. Sometimes hyphenated. I was a bit of a crater face in high school, but thankfully my face cleared up in college. Wow, a crater-face like you will never get a date to the dance!
See also: crater, face


1. n. an acne scar. Walter was always sort of embarrassed about his craters.
2. in. to collapse and go down as with a falling stock price. The stock cratered and probably won’t recover for a year or two.


and pizza-face and pizza-puss and zit-face
n. a person with acne or many acne scars. (Intended as jocular. Rude and derogatory.) I gotta get some kind of medicine for these pimples. I’m getting to be a regular crater-face. I don’t want to end up a zit-face, but I love chocolate!
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A somewhat older crater, Herschel, is in the middle of the nearside, just north of Ptolemaeus, and thus much easier to see.
Following METCRAX I, numerical simulations of flow over the Meteor Crater have investigated seiche formation in the crater (Fritts et al.
Eduardo Laguerta, Phivolcs resident volcanologist here, said the sulfur flux possibly meant that either the magma was poorly degassing because of the clogged crater or the magma was still the old deposits of previous year's eruption, the reason why the gas emission was low.
The bottom of the crater is covered with white sodium phosphate crystals.
The crater, named after the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, is two miles deep and more than 12 miles wide.
The craters form as noted above: flow from low surface tension to high surface tension.
The scientists took this to be evidence of a series of smaller explosions, culminating in the big one that created the main crater Older dates, going back 3,000-5,000 years were taken to mark the creation of nearby maars.
A Selection of Craters in the United States Diameter Diameter Crater Name Location (miles) (kilorrmeters) Ames Oklahoma 10 16.
More people are now understanding the importance of what we do," Crater said.
A general description of the crater is given in the book by G.
Crater rays are one of the few features that stand out during full Moon.
About 144 million years ago, a large asteroid slammed into southern Africa, blasting a crater that measures 70 kilometers (43 miles) across.
Step 4: On the planet in the foreground, add the first crater.
Terrain analysis at all three crater locations showed that an eastbound three-lane road, set apart by a 10-meter-wide dirt median, paralleled the three westbound lanes.
A crater that is thought to be the oldest in Finland has been found in Keurusselka, a lake situated between Keuru and Mantta.