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party crasher

One who attends a party without having been invited. I don't mind party crashers coming to my parties, so long as they behave themselves.
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One who attends an event, such as a concert, sports match, or party, without being invited or paying to get in. I don't mind gatecrashers coming to my parties, so long as they behave themselves. Due to the popularity of the show—and the limited amount of tickets—extra security was hired to keep any gatecrashers out of the concert.


n. a person who attends a party uninvited. (see also crash.) The crashers ruined the party, and my dad called the cops.
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Some board crashers are little more than industrial spies who pretend to be directors to gather valuable intelligence for the firms that employ them.
I plan to take what I learned from the other Crashers and use it to form a young professionals group for Idaho credit union employees under the age of 35.
It will be staged across three arenas - the Crasher Arena, Bugged Out Arena and Frantic vs Nukleuz Arena.
If the 16 crashers have their way, look for dynamic young professional groups to be launched in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Connecticut and Seattle.
Serena Williams is the latest addition to the list of celebrity wedding crashers.
P - Dinner Crasher is Directed by Charles Dewandeler who also appears in the piece along with Greg Philippi as the husband and Buffy Dakan as Bluebonnet.
Dixon's initial expectation was to have at least 10 crashers, but as the buzz grew, the number of attendees doubled.
The White House declined to comment about the breach, although an Obama Administration official, who asked to speak without attribution, said the White House has known about the third crasher since mid-December.
As a television writer and practiced party crasher, I've gone to premieres before, but the party for The L Word last month felt different.
But it was a gate crasher who caused a hiccup in filming, which apparently had to be stopped when Chantelle's boyfriend Alex Reid turned up and got everyone completely trashed
It's like his brilliant C4 series The Convention Crasher, only with throwing arrows instead of dressing up as a clown or impersonating Tom Jones.
AUSTRALIA: Party Crasher is 3/1 favourite for today's Christmas Cup (12f) at Rosehill.
The Crashers program is great for young credit union professionals, for GAC, and for the entire movement," said CUNA CEO and President Jim Nussle.