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On another occasion, as Drebber passed under a cliff a great boulder crashed down on him, and he only escaped a terrible death by throwing himself upon his face.
Then, when our ammunition was gone and the Klondiker, still somewhat sober, began to babble again of Milly, Kraft whispered into his ear such a polite, barbed insult relating to people who were miserly with their funds, that the miner crashed down handful after handful of silver and notes, calling for all the fluids in the world to drown the imputation.
After several minutes his body crashed down to the ground.
Tower after tower crashed down, with blazing roof and rafter; and the combatants were driven from the court-yard.
The topmast anticked high in the air for a space, then crashed down to deck, permitting the bowsprit to dip into the sea, go clear with the butt of it of the forecastle head, and drag alongside.
The chandelier had crashed down upon the head of the wretched woman who had come to the Opera for the first time in her life, the one whom M.
Squalling like an infuriated cat, the shadow crashed down through tree-ferns and orchids and thudded upon the earth at his feet, and, still squalling its rage and pain, had sunk its human teeth into the ankle of his stout tramping boot.
The dog-driver held the axe poised in his hand, and as Buck shot past him the axe crashed down upon mad Dolly's head.
That morning the mizzen topsail tie had carried away(probably a defective link) and something like forty feet of chain and wire-rope, mixed up with a few heavy iron blocks, had crashed down from aloft on the poop with a terrifying racket.
A YOUNG mum claims her children could have been hurt after a ceiling crashed down at her home.
TWO children were taken to hospital after part of a fairground ride crashed down on top of them in Sefton Park.
Father-of-six Ceri Grif-fiths, 71, could not escapeas the tree crashed down onto his head at the wildlife tourist attraction.
A MAN was lucky to escape unscathed after two trees crashed down onto his car within the space of 10 minutes.
TWO teenage girls were killed and two other people injured when a car crashed down a Midland motorway embankment.
WORCESTER - Nobody was hurt when a large chunk of wall above the CW Price Store at the Grafton Street plaza gave way Monday afternoon and crashed down in front of the building.