crash with

crash with (someone)

slang To sleep at someone else's residence. Since it's such a long drive, I'm just going to crash with my friend tonight and then head home tomorrow.
See also: crash

crash with someone

Sl. to spend the night at someone's place. I don't need a hotel room. I can crash with Tom. There is no room for you to crash with me.
See also: crash
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While Newman escaped his hair-raising crash with only bumps and braises, many NASCAR drivers have not been as lucky.
A Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train ran a red signal light moments before Tuesday's deadly crash with a Metrolink commuter train, but investigators stopped short of blaming human error.
Investigators use a firetruck ladder Wednesday to inspect two Metrolink cars involved in Tuesday's crash with a freight train.
1)Dolly rollover test: Simulates a rollover curb impact crash with the vehicle in a fixed position on a dolly.
Church worker Willie Almilla, 36, who escaped the crash with minor bruises, said just before the crash occurred, most of the women were sleeping, someone was cracking a joke, and suddenly the van swerved.